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Hinds ‘Leave Me Alone’ Album Review

Hinds are a Spanish all-girl indie rock band consisting of Carlotta Cosials (vocals and guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals and guitar), Ade Martin (bass) and Amber Grimbergen (on drums), hailing from Madrid with critical acclaim and huge fan appeal thanks to their modern take on post-modern all-girl indie-rock. Having launched their first full length album, Leave Me Alone, the band looks set to capitalise on their garage rock leanings and become a band to watch. But is Leave Me Alone worth investigating or one to follow the advice of the album’s title?

The album itself is full of cohesive Sixties-saluting songs, throwing together the sunny surfer-rock of the era with some bratty snarls that come via the legacy of female rock bands such as the Go-Gos — the album’s strongest contender for big hit status, ‘San Diego’ is a sunny and fun affair, full of the upbeat bounce that made these surfer rock tracks so enjoyable. Meanwhile, the rollicking ‘Chill Town’ and the blossoming opener ‘Garden’ are just as pleasurable to listen to, while album closer ‘Walking Home’ is an upbeat ode to romance, whatever it might be.

It’s a shame then, that a lot of the tracks seem incredibly homogenous and half-baked — tracks such as ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Warts’ are soft-rock filler in the album while ‘Castigadas En El Gramero’ is entirely nondescript. That isn’t to say that Hinds’ skills solely lie in the upbeat numbers — the downbeat ‘And I Will Send Your Flowers Back’ is emotionally arresting, the amusingly-titled ‘Fat Calmed Kiddos’ is awash with gentle Sixties-era vibes, and even the album’s sole instrumental song, ‘Solar Gap’ is blissful in its stripped-back simplicity and a radiant showcase of the band’s abilities and potential.

In short, Hinds’ first full-length LP succeeds on some efforts and fails on others — while the record does establish the band’s initial sound, it fails to do anything with it. The band is clearly talented and brimming with promise, that same promise being shined upon with tracks such as ‘San Diego’, ‘Walking Home’ and ‘Chill Town’. Fortunately, the group looks set to continue to build upon this mostly-solid foundation, and develop something more special than most of Leave Me Alone, something we’ll be keeping an ear out for in the future.