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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: “Red Faced”

Supergirl is battling a bout of anger and frustration and ungrateful humans and the two men she stops from crashing into a children’s soccer team doesn’t help. It also doesn’t help that Lucy Lane and James Olson are an item again and Lane is staying in National City.

While Alex and Kara ask Winn to look into their father’s death, Kara also deals with a mandate from the military to assist them in a military exercise as Supergirl. Not to mention the General in charge of the operation is General Lane, Lucy Lane’s father, who is also involved in the operation.

General Lane strong arms Hank Henshaw and the DEO into forcing Supergirl to fight an android called Red Tornado. Frustrated and fueled by Lucy saying Supergirl was underwhelming at a weekly game night with Winn, Kara, James and Lucy, Supergirl takes all her anger out on the Red Tornado. After besting the android, it flies off seemingly out of control.

General Lane blames Supergirl for breaking his multi-billion dollar weapon and unleashing it onto the public.

Upset about the General’s comments, Kara lashes out at Cat Grant after one of Grant’s rants. First Grant seems surprised at Kara’s outburst but then invites Kara out to martinis. While the women lament their problems, Cat tells Kara there is an underlying anger in her anger. Just like Cat’s anger stems from her issues with her mother.

Kara and James take out their frustration with some boxing as James hits a punching bag and Kara an old car. It is during this time Kara realizes she fears she will never have a normal life and have someone to love and know her like James and Lucy.

Alex goes to Max Lord for help with finding the Red Tornado. He at first turns her down but then calls her and says he has pinpointed it. The Red Tornado is being controlled by its creator.

After finding him, Supergirl fights the Red Tornado while Alex goes after the inventor. Alex is shocked to see the android is being controlled by a neural link with the creator. After a fight for Alex’s gun, Alex shoots and kills the creator of Red Tornado.

After one last fight, Supergirl bests the android.

The episode wraps with Winn telling Kara and Alex he found information on their father’s death. He went on a mission with another DEO agent and the two men go missing. A month later, the other man reappears with no injuries and the man was Hank Henshaw.

Kara also gets another surprise when she breaks a drinking glass and when picking up the pieces she cuts herself and begins to bleed.