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Spoilers Are Coming: 10 Theories & Predictions for ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 5

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It’s almost here!

Yes, the pulses of every fantasy lover are raising with every passing day as we inch closer and closer towards the premiere of Season Five of HBO’s global smash hit Game of Thrones. Based on the hugely popular A Song of Ice and Fire books by George R.R. Martin, Game of Thrones is about a warring series of kingdoms under threat from one another, the rising of a usurped princess in the east, and most importantly by undead frost monsters named White Walkers or Others.

So, yeah, you might need to take a refresher course at some point. Regardless, season five is set to top the impressive previous season, and with teasers and trailers sprouting up to tease us further, here are just ten of our theories and predictions for the future season.

Warning: Spoiler-phobes beware

1. Gendry will become significant once more

Oh, Gendry. I guess you’ve been rowing for a long time, because the last time we saw you was in season three, getting spirited away by Davos after sleeping with Melisandre who just wanted your semi-royal blood. The show and the trailers have already confirmed that Arya’s buddy will return to the show, but in what capacity? Will he become important to Melisandre’s plans of portency? Will he reunite with the wayward Arya? We don’t care — it’s just nice to see our blacksmith (played by Joe Dempsie) back in action.

2.  Grey Worm will die in an attack by the Brazen Beasts in Meereen

Yes, we hate to say it but it looks like everyone’s favourite physically-castrated super-soldier might just bite the dust in series five. Played with understated cool and hidden depth by Jacob Anderson (Raleigh Ritchie to music fans), he recently got some character development in his budding love with Daenerys’ translator Missandei (an underused Nathalie Emmanuel), that varies greatly from the source material. Sorry we might lose you Grey Worm, but thanks for being a badass hunk.

3. Littlefinger will align himself closer with the Boltons

The villainous yet utterly watchable Littlefinger excelled last year, maneuvering into a position of power in the Vale after marrying then murdering his poor wife, after engineering the rescue of Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) from King’s Landing and the murder of King Joffrey. However, Aiden Gillen’s sinister and scheming lord looks set to bolster his influence by aligning with the strong Boltons, thanks to their success in conquering the North. What can Littlefinger offer to form an alliance. The support of the Vale, gold to fight against Stannis’ forces… or maybe the princess of Winterfell herself? Speaking of…

4. Sansa will discover something in the Winterfell crypts

Sansa might not be a long-time fan favourite amongst the wider populace (excluding my good self), but she earned herself respect in a lot of peoples’ eyes last year by escaping Kings Landing as Joffrey choked to death, making herself comfortable in the Vale with her unhinged aunt, and then pulling off the master play people have been praying for by covering up Littlefinger’s murder of Lysa with the veiled truth, and emerging as a raven-haired badass in the making. New footage shows her underground, investigating somewhere that looks suspiciously like the Winterfell crypts (last seen in season one) – and odds are on she’ll find something there.Key clues to Jon Snow’s true parentage? Maybe a magic sword? Who knows – we’re just glad to see a Stark back home.

5.  Theon will find redemption

Poor Theon. Admittedly at the end of season two, our feelings towards the Greyjoy heir were less positive, but given we’ve seen Theon’s terrible home environment and the horrors he’s survived at the hands of sadistic Ramsay Bolton, we can’t help but root wholeheartedly for Reek (Theon’s persona under Bolton’s abuse). Theon is ripe for some heroics, and a way to help wrong the betrayals he meted out to the Stark clan, and Alfie Allen deserves a chance to flex his acting chops some more…

6. Jorah will die defending Dany from the Brazen Beasts

Ouch. It’s not looking good for Dany when it comes to her loyal protectors. Jorah (Iain Glen) was banished from Dany’s company when it was revealed that he was initially a spy for Robert, before becoming a true convert to her cause. However, he’s seen in promotional materials in a fighting arena of some kind, taking on an opponent. Given that the arena appears to the place where Daenerys and her group are seen surrounded by Brazen Beasts, Meereen’s rebels, and the deviation to Jorah’s original storyline, it’s not too much of a stretch to see that Jorah might earn redemption by dying saving Dany’s life. Shame if he does though – the man can rock scruff like no other.

7. Tyrion and Daenerys will join forces, with interesting consequences

Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) are two of the show – and the books’ – favourite characters, with their names becoming household names and global lexicon. This season, they look set to cross paths, with Tyrion heading to Essos with Varys after murdering his father Tywin, and Daenerys established in the city of Meereen in Essos. It seems likely these two will meet – something Martin has all but promised in his books – but we predict huge and interesting consequences for their unusual alliance…

8. The Hound will return

Yes, yes, yes, we know Brienne absolutely destroyed in a fan favourite action scene that deviated strongly from the books, and which left The Hound seemingly on the verge of death as Arya ran from her kidnapper-turned-comrade. However, fan theories have suggested that Sandor is not only alive, but in the books is a mysterious figure known as the Gravedigger. While we might not support that theory, our money is on Rory McCann making an appearance, swear words and all.

9. We will get a surprise cameo from Bran and friends

It’s already been confirmed that Bran (Isaac Hampstead-Wright) will not be back for season five, due to his TV storyline already being caught up to the books, meaning he won’t be seeing his friends Meera and Hodor either. This is a shame because Bran’s storyline had just gotten interesting (thanks to an appearance by the mysterious Children), but there’s a niggling feeling that Bran and company will make an appearance this season, even if it’s in the capacity of a surprise episode ten cliffhanger.

10. Shireen is in danger from Melisandre

This might seem like a strange theory but hear me out: Shireen is going to be sacrificed, or going to be attempted to be sacrificed by Melisandre in order to bring forth Azor Ahai. Melisandre has shown a predilection for using the blood of kings in order to do her bidding for the Lord of Light, including conjuring vaginal smoke monsters to assassinate enemies (RIP Renly), so could Shireen – the cousin of the current King and therefore with royal blood flowing through her veins – be Melisandre’s next target? Here’s hoping dad Stannis or Jon Snow are around to keep an eye on her…

What are your theories for the next season of Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments below. The series returns April 12 on HBO.