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‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 7 Recap: “The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight”

survivor worlds apart line will be drawn tonight

Last week on Survivor: Worlds Apart, Rodney (Boston Rod) was completely blindsided when his bro Joaquin got voted out, a move that was orchestrated by Mike and involved Dan, Sierra, and Joe.

Coming back from tribal council, Tyler knows he’s at the bottom of the tribe. Mike, wanting to do some damage control, goes to talk to Rodney about what just happened. Rodney is pissed off and feels like Mike disrespected him. He vows to get revenge on the people who “did him wrong” but plays nice to Mike’s face.

The next morning, at the No Collar camp, Carolyn reads tree mail telling them they’re going to merge. Kelly lies to Jenn, Hali, Will, Carolyn, and Shirin about her relationship with Mike. The truth is she can’t wait to reunite with the Blue Collars and has no intention to work with the No Collars.

During the merge feast, the Blue Collars explain why Joaquin got voted out (a bromance was developing between Rodney and Joaquin). Pairs is a relevant subject this season. Carolyn talks about her alliance with Tyler and not wanting to show the strong bonds she has with people because it puts a target on your back (see: Joaquin/Rodney, Max/Shirin, Lindsey/Sierra, So/Joaquin). While Carolyn and Tyler are in agreement to work together, they don’t want the others to know just how close they are.

When they come back to the Blue Collar camp, they’re shocked to find their shelter is gone and they have to re-build it from scratch.

mike kelly survivor

Jenn and Hali talk about how Kelly has flipped back to the Blue Collars (she made it obvious where her allegiance lies). Meanwhile, Joe is back with the No Collars because he trusts them much more than the other side.

Rodney, who’s been pretending to be with the Blue Collars, talks to Will, Carolyn, and Kelly about forming an alliance and going to Final 4 together. Carolyn is flattered and wants to keep Rodney close, but it doesn’t seem like she’s taking Rodney very seriously. Will, on the other hand, does seem to be taking it seriously.

Carolyn and Tyler have a brief chat about their positions in the game. They’re the swing votes and they have to decide which side they want to go with.

Random Moment of the Week: Dan gets stung by a jellyfish and Shirin offers to pee on his foot. Dan declines. Jenn, who has experience being a lifeguard, instructs him to put hot water on his foot.

Later, Mike comes up with “Merica” for their tribe name. Hali loves it because she’s studying to be a lawyer and is in love with the U.S. constitution. Shirin (rightfully so) hates it. I hope Mike was being ironic.

Mike tells Rodney the plan is to vote out Joe.

survivor worlds apart immunity challenge

First Individual Immunity Challenge: Dan is the first one out, followed by Will and Tyler. During the challenge, Jenn gets stung in a very private area. When Hali drops out, it comes down to Joe, Jenn, and the oldest woman out there — Carolyn. Then Jenn drops out and it’s between Joe and Carolyn. Ultimately, and quite predictably, Joe wins immunity.

Afterward, Mike talks to Dan about voting Jenn or Hali out. He tells Will to write down Hali’s name in order to prove his loyalty to the Blue Collars. So it looks like Will is fully on board to work with the Blue Collars and completely turn his back on his original tribe. Carolyn and Kelly talk about splitting up Jenn and Hali, as well.

Hali approaches Tyler to ask him to work with the No Collars and vote out Kelly.

Both are worried about the vote but Jenn has a plan. She tells Hali about her idol. Jenn wants to figure out who Blue Collar is voting out — that way she can play her idol for whoever is in the most danger.

At Tribal Council, Shirin stands firmly with the No Collars. After the votes are cast, Jenn plays the idol for herself. The first vote is for Hali (courtesy of Will), but then every subsequent vote after that is for Jenn. The No Collars and Shirin are excited and relieved. The next four votes are for Kelly.

Kelly Remington is the seventh person to be voted out of Survivor: Worlds Apart.