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‘The X-Files’ Is Coming Back To FOX For 6 Episodes

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I want to believe… that The X-Files will really be back with new episodes on FOX.

That’s what I was telling myself just a few weeks ago when rumors first sprouted about a possible continuation of the series. Today, we have been given the incredible news that it is true.

The X-Files is back.

After 9 seasons and 2 films from 1993 to 2002, FOX has greenlit The X-Files to series with 6 brand new episodes. The news was released today with Chris Carter, the creator and executive producer, announcing that he’ll be back to film the series this summer with its two beloved stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, reprising their roles as our favorite truth-seeking duo, Special Agents Mulder and Scully.

Carter “think[s] of it as a 13-year commercial break. The good news is the world has only gotten that much stranger, a perfect time to tell these six stories.”

The Chairmen and CEOs of FOX Television Group, Dana Walden and Gary Newman, also had a few things to say about the new season.

We had the privilege of working with Chris on all nine seasons of The X-Files – one of the most rewarding creative experiences of our careers – and we couldn’t be more excited to explore that incredible world with him again. The X-Files was not only a seminal show for both the studio and the network, it was a worldwide phenomenon that shaped pop culture – yet remained a true gem for the legions of fans who embraced it from the beginning. Few shows on television have drawn such dedicated fans as The X-Files, and we’re ecstatic to give them the next thrilling chapter of Mulder and Scully they’ve been waiting for.

Although no hints have been given about what the episodes will bring or even who else from the cast will be back, one thing is certain: the previous 9 seasons are readily available for anyone to watch on Netflix and if you aren’t already pressing “play” on Season 1 Episode 1, then I’m not sure what you’re doing with your life. Go make Mulder and Scully proud by catching up!