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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Finale Recap: “Best Man”

mindy project season 3 finale

What a season finale.

I’ll be honest. My passion for The Mindy Project had faded throughout the season, mainly because of the characterization of Danny Castellano (Chris Messina). Messina always played him so beautifully, but it was the reality of how bad of a boyfriend Danny’s been to Mindy (Mindy Kaling) throughout this season that really hit me. And it hit me hard. I’m a hopeless romantic, very much like Mindy, and I, somewhat naively, believed that once Danny and Mindy got together, it would be a fairytale. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I didn’t enjoy how Danny treated Mindy at all.

Either way, I was overly enthusiastic about the way things would be, but a fairytale isn’t reality. Mindy’s said it before, Danny and Mindy won’t go through the typical romantic tropes as other couples do. They’ll hit rough patches. They’ll make mistakes. They’re both human with very raw emotions and personal beliefs that completely shape the way they act and react to things.

I wasn’t shocked when Danny told Mindy he wasn’t sure he wanted to get married. We know he’s had to go through his mother’s horrible divorce and absence of his father. We know he’s had to go through his own horrible divorce with Christina, which has, in part, turned him into the cynical person he is now. Sure, falling in love with Mindy may’ve softened his heart, but the root of the problem is still there. He believes marriage brings loneliness and the loss of people you love. And he especially does not want to lose Mindy.

I think it was only right that Danny’s Ma (Rhea Perlman) was the one to convince him that marriage isn’t the problem. He just didn’t get why it was so necessary for Mindy to get married. Like she said, it’s not fair that she doesn’t get to try it out, but in Danny’s eyes, he’s probably saving her from the isolation and heartbreak that he believes would inevitably come from marriage. His Ma went through what he went, which is why her words resonate so strongly with him, “The problem is we picked people who didn’t deserve it.”

And Mindy deserves it. She deserves the ring, the marriage, the Instagram pictures, the family, the happiness. Danny knows it, which is why he does what he does best. Runs to make it right. Runs all the way to India, as a matter of fact. Now, I could go on and on about Messina’s incredible acting, especially in those silent moments where he lets his eyes do the acting, but the end of this episode far surpassed previous episodes. The determination is evident on his face and even the nerves, up until the moment he knocks on Mindy’s parents’ door and says, “I’m Danny Castellano and I’m in love with your daughter.”

Despite my feelings about the previous episodes, I’m still enamored with the heart of it. Beneath the jokes and the clashing of characters who are so different from each other, is the true caring they have for one another. Look at how far they’ve come. Danny and Mindy used to regard each other with such a strong dislike that I still find it pretty amazing she had had a small crush on him when she first started her work as a gynecologist. And now, that crush has developed into love. Pure love on both of their parts. Sure, they’ve broken up and then gotten back together and then fought multiple times, but it’s expected from two people who are so different. It’s the truth. I think, some of us were just not ready to accept their tumultuous, but loving relationship, myself included.

To think that we still don’t know whether The Mindy Project will even get a Season 4 is infuriating to me. Make it happen, people, because I really need to know how Danny’s meeting with Mindy’s parents will turn out. And I really need to see Danny and Mindy reunite once again. #RenewMindy


  • Since Pally’s departure as a series regular, I still feel like he never really left left, which I’m more than okay with because I adore Peter and his friendship with Mindy. It was so necessary for Mindy to have someone to talk to in this episode too.
  • Messina’s scruff. Enough said.
  • Laura Dern is incredible as Mindy’s new gynecologist/obstetrician. I adore her. She is a delight.
  • Tamra’s gift of a onesie with the word Feminist on it is the best gift. Definitely what I’d want my baby to wear.
  • Mindy’s tears make me cry. Maybe I’m a horrible person, but I love the angst all the same.
  • The parallel shots of Mindy and Danny leaving the apartment and leaving notes was perfect.
  • I’m so glad the little feud between Jeremy and Peter is over. I was also over it.