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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 18 Recap: “Fertility Bites”

mindy project fertility bites

The Lahiri Fertility Center is now open for business!

…But it’s turning out to be a lot harder to get patients than Mindy (Mindy Kaling) had anticipated, in part because she’s never actually helped anyone get pregnant.

After a few misses and fake-outs, Mindy finally gets her first patient. Downside is that it’s Morgan’s (Ike Barinholtz) cousin Lou (Rob McElhenney) and his wife. Even then, they didn’t want to sign on to be Mindy’s first patients because she’s had no prior knowledge of treating infertility. I mean, if no one wants to be her first patients, then when is she ever going to get patients?! Which is why I understand her frustration and why she chose to tell a little white lie that she and Danny (Chris Messina) had been struggling to get pregnant, but now they are.

Lou assumes that Danny has his same problem — his “sperms is no good either.” Mindy doesn’t deny it, so because of this, Lou develops a sort of fondness for Danny and starts calling him “Cousin Dan” at Mindy’s Fertility Clinic’s opening party.

Meanwhile at Schulman and Associates, Beverly (Beth Grant), Morgan, and Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) aren’t getting along with the new doctor, Dr. Bergdahl (Dan Bakkedahl), and vice versa. After a pretty tense-filled few days between the support staff and Dr. B, they get so angry that they tell Jeremy (Ed Weeks) to fire him.

It isn’t until that night that the group is surprised to find Dr. B sleeping in his car. They immediately feel guilty for getting mad at him for smelling bad and for taking food from the office.

At the party, they ask Jeremy if he did go through with firing Dr. B and he confirms it. They take back what they said before and tell Jeremy to hire him back. They head back outside to tell Dr. B the good news. He thanks them for their generosity and tells them that he doesn’t want to go out and get a new place because that would mean admitting that his marital problems are real.

mindy danny fertility bites

It seems that the “news” about Danny’s sperm problems has spread around because everyone knows about it. After Danny gives a speech that sounds a lot like Mindy got help getting pregnant from another man in San Francisco, people respond really well to it. They like that Danny’s being so open about his problems. Problems he actually really doesn’t have, which is why Danny takes it is so badly when he hears the news from Cousin Lou. He assures everyone that he got Mindy pregnant. Very disappointed, Lou and his wife leave, which also leaves Mindy with no patients.

The next morning, Dr. B offers Mindy a deal. If she lets him crash at her apartment, he’ll give her his patients. She accepts.

That night, she apologizes to Danny about lying and he then admits to her that he really just had an issue with her starting her own clinic. It would mean he would be seeing less of her than usual. Luckily for him, Mindy’s ready to move in now, so he’s going to be seeing a lot of her.


  • “My eyes photograph blue.” Same, Mindy. Same.
  • “Yeah, do you even know what my job is? I mean, I definitely know it. I just want to hear someone else say it.” If Beverly doesn’t even know she’s the receptionist, who’s booking all the appointments?
  • Mindy’s fertility clinic is really fancy. I’d definitely go there.
  • Mindy looked beautiful at her party. I mean, she always does, but especially in this episode.
  • “Next thing you know, we’re knockin’ boots under the Lion King billboard. I guess we were a little ‘Hakuna Matata’ about protection. I should’ve been more ‘Matata!'” – Danny
  • I get that you’re prideful Danny, but jeez. You could’ve dealt with the situation a little differently. How is anyone going to want to be patients of Mindy now?