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‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 6 Recap: “Odd Woman Out”

survivor odd woman out

This week on Survivor: Worlds Apart (or is it Survivor: Blue Collars vs. White Collars vs. No Collars?) Shirin is a little shaken up after her closest ally Max was voted out at the last tribal council. Carolyn tells Shirin that she doesn’t trust her anymore because she didn’t spend enough time with her; she wants real loyalty, not “fake” loyalty.

Shirin then talks to Hali, who admits that Shirin has been a little annoying — just like Max, which is why he got voted out.

Shirin talks about her past and growing up in an Orange County suburb where she felt like she didn’t belong among all the skinny, beautiful people. She feels like the new Nagarote tribe is reflective of her past experiences. But she’s determined to get along with her tribe and find people who are willing to work with her.

At New Escameca, Dan tells the story about losing his underwear. Rodney is sick of being around the same people who tell the same exact stories and a #Bromance ends up forming between the two East Coast boys, Rodney and Joaquin. (Apparently, Mike is celibate and goes to church every Sunday, a fact that disturbs Rodney.)

Joaquin seems happy that Max got voted out when the two tribes convene to play in the Reward Challenge.

The Reward is a trip to a turtle sanctuary where they get to “feast” on beef stew, mac ‘n cheese, and hot chocolate, an odd combination of food, if you ask me. In a shocking twist, Nagarote wins the reward challenge. Shirin, knowing that her butt is on the line, plans to bond with her tribe mates more.

At the Reward, Nagarote is getting along. Carolyn says they’re “tolerating” Shirin.

At Escameca, Sierra talks to Joaquin about possible voting Joe out. Rodney thinks he has the numbers with Sierra, Joaquin, and Tyler. The only problem is that Sierra hasn’t completely forgiven Rodney for talking to her the way he did after Lindsey was voted out.

Rodney, who’s convinced he has Joaquin in the palm of his hand, talks to Mike about throwing the immunity challenge so they can vote out Joe. Mike doesn’t think it’s such a great idea, but if it means protecting his closest ally Kelly (who’s all by herself on Nagarote), then he’s willing to do it.

mike survivor worlds apart

At the Immunity Challenge, Mike couldn’t be more obvious about throwing it. The only problem is that Kelly’s memory is terrible and Mike has to throw the memory challenge at least 2-3 times. But eventually Nagarote wins and Kelly now feels like she can wholeheartedly trust Mike. She can’t wait to reunite with her Blue Collar tribe.

Sierra finds herself in the swing vote position and is being approached by both alliances. She has to choose between voting out Joaquin (going with Mike, Dan, and Joe) or voting out Joe (going with Rodney, Joaquin, and Tyler).

At Tribal Council, Sierra talks about her relationship with the Blue Collars and the new people who entered her tribe. She feels like she’s formed some genuine friendships and she doesn’t know who to trust.

Results: Joaquin gets voted out! (4-3)

And Rodney’s look of confusion is priceless.

Did Sierra make the right decision?