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‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Episode 2 Recap: “It Will Be My Revenge”

survivor it will be my revenge

It seems like everybody on this season of Survivor, Worlds Apart, is a bit of a mess. And I am always here for messy reality TV personalities!

Blue Collar

The unsaid rivalry between Lindsey and Dan continues. Dan supposedly loses his underwear and has to use his shirt to cover up his private parts. The humor of the situation doesn’t endear him to Lindsey whatsoever, however.

Mike isn’t much better off. He takes the blue collar work ethic to a whole ‘nother level by yelling at his tribe mates to start working, even though all they want to do is play basketball. He doesn’t appreciate them goofing around because — according to him — there’s so much work that needs to be done around camp.

Rodney, of all people, is the voice of reason. He knows that maybe he’s not the one collecting the most firewood, but he’s also not the one pissing anyone off. He’s getting along really well with the girls.

The only people we don’t really hear from in this tribe are Kelly and Sierra, despite Sierra’s stellar performance at the immunity challenge.

White Collar

Max and Shirin are embracing their no collar tendencies by getting naked. Shirin even does chores while naked, which seems a little unnecessary. While the nudity is mostly played for laughs, Tyler and Joaquin are visibly uncomfortable. Especially Tyler, who’s married.

Max even says that he’s using the nudity to get alone time, which doesn’t seem like such a great idea. Alone time on Survivor is never good and makes you look suspicious. Then again, Max is a “student” and “teacher” of the game, so what do I know?

vince sly

No Collar

Most of the episode takes place at the No Collar camp. Joe and Vince’s alpha male rivalry is only heating up. Vince wants to be acknowledged for his hard work and he finds it off-putting that Joe gets so much attention around camp.

Meanwhile, Nina breaks down because she feels like the other girls on her tribe, Jenn and Hali, are excluding her. Not only is Nina hearing impaired, but she’s also 51-years-old, making her the oldest on the tribe. She feels isolated and I definitely sympathize with her situation, but I don’t think getting emotional so early on in the game is going to do her any favors. Especially when it’s over skinny dipping.

Hali gets a point for making the effort to get to know Nina. In contrast, Jenn doesn’t come out of this looking that great.

After they lose the immunity challenge (mostly thanks to Will’s poor performance), Nina and Jenn seem to be on the chopping block. Vince is rallying his troops (Nina and Will) to vote out Jenn, who’s part of Joe’s alliance with Hali. Will ends up being the swing vote, since Joe thinks he’s with their group.

For some reason, Joe’s group wants to split the vote (Jenn and Hali vote for Vince, Joe and Will vote for Nina), which makes zero sense — especially this early on in the game. Will takes this information back to Vince. The plan is for Will, Nina, and Vince to vote for Jenn and their three votes will decide who goes home.

That is, until, Will talks to Nina. Nina asks Will about his health and says that Vince has been talking about him. This causes Will to get suspicious of Vince and think that he’s secretly working against him.

At Tribal Council, Nina confesses to having a hard time making friends and getting along with everyone, specifically the two younger girls. Jenn says that while she sympathizes with Nina’s disability, it’s a game and the weakest link should get voted off in order for the tribe to win and get to the merge.

Joe – Nina
Jenn – Vince
Hali – Vince
Will – Vince
Nina – Jenn
Vince – Jenn

Vince, the coconut vendor, is the second person to be voted off Survivor: Worlds Apart.

Final Thoughts

I’m gutted that Vince was voted out so early! He was egotistical, eccentric, and strategically-minded — despite all of his negative traits and bad habits (getting confrontational with people). He was a huge character and would have surely provided us with more fantastic moments if he had been allowed to go further in the game. That awkward hug from last week was TV gold.

I had my doubts about Will before the season, but I think he’ll go far as long as No Collar doesn’t lose the next two immunity challenges. I understand his rationale behind voting for Vince (thanks a lot, Nina), but I think he made the wrong call. He’s #4 in a four-person alliance now, as opposed to being (at the very least) #3 in a three-person alliance. At the same time, I don’t think his decision will seriously damage his game. I hope not, anyway.