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Spencer Pratt Takes Lie Detector Test On ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

marriage boot camp

I started watching Marriage Boot Camp on a whim and it turned out to be one of the craziest (albeit poorly edited) reality shows on TV. The premise of Marriage Boot Camp is that four reality TV couples get marriage counseling from these people named Jim and Elizabeth Carroll. I have no idea if they’re licensed professionals or not, but it doesn’t seem to matter on this crazy, wacky show. This season, they had these couples pretend one of them died in a car accident (via texting), act out their sex life using puppets, and drive a golf cart while blindfolded.

On tonight’s episode, the couples each took a lie detector test for the second time this season. Heidi and Spencer Pratt have been dealing with baby issues — Heidi wants a baby, Spencer doesn’t — and Heidi finally came to the realization that she didn’t think Spencer was mature enough to have a baby. Things took an emotional turn when Spencer admitted that he can’t look at himself in the mirror. Tyson Apostol (Survivor winner who doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy that “if you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it“) shed a few tears and said that Spencer is a cool guy.

Anna Kendrick apparently feels the opposite considering she said wanted to kill herself because he favorited one of her tweets about The Bachelor.

anna kendrick

Ouch. But also kind of funny?

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