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Episode 2 – The 100: Blood Must Have Blood, Part One

tunnel vision television podcast 2

This week, Sara (@SaraLinnLinn) and Isabella (@isabellag08) are back to continue their discussion of The CW’s The 100 with “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One.” They discuss Lexa’s betrayal in depth — as well as Clarke’s character development, the battle plan, and the treachery of Dante and Cage Wallace. They also talk about Indra’s split from Octavia, and what they expect for the finale.

Tunnel Vision Television is the official podcast of Each week, Sara and Isabella go into depth to discuss characters, plot, and what makes a great TV series. Make sure to tune in next week when Sara and Isabella geek out over the season finale of The 100!

The 100 airs Wednesdays on The CW.

Show Notes

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