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‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 3 Reveals Six New Houseguests

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A little reality show in Canada called Big Brother Canada, one of the many iterations of the Big Brother franchise across the globe, is launching its third season on Monday, March 23 on Global. Here are the sixteen houseguests that will be competing for the top prize.

Ashleigh Wood
I honestly couldn’t get a good sense of who she is from her bio or interviews. She might surprise me and play very well, or she’ll just end up in a showmance and bore everyone to death.

Bobby Hlad
A rock climbing instructor who seems way too obsessed with rock climbing (and hot yoga) in his bio, Bobby looks like a mix of Judd from BB15 and Emmett from the first season of Big Brother Canada. I don’t get winner vibes from Bobby but I think he could make jury just because he’s a guy and he has the potential to “bro down” with the other men in the house.

Brittnee Blair
A plus-size model living in New York but originally from Calgary, Brittnee described herself as “funny, energetic, and goofy.” Her strategy is to play like Neda and Jon from BBCAN2 (align with a guy and work both sides of the house). She seems likable so I’m definitely rooting for her to go far. It all depends if her likability translates to the house and if she can get along with the other girls.

Bruno Ielo
He’s a dad and a “world class gamer.” It could go either way with Bruno. Either he’ll play really well like Derrick from BB16 or he’ll be one of the first ones out like Paul Jackson from BBCAN2.

Godfrey Mangwiza
All hail Godfrey. This guy will be a huge character. I don’t know if he can win, but he’s going to be entertaining, that’s for sure. He’s going into the house with a gold ring in case a showmance happens (he wants to frame the guy and say he’s married), which I think will make for exciting TV if it happens. Also, he loves cats!

Graig Merritt
A baseball scout, he’s 36 but he’s going to tell everyone that he’s 30. And he’s going to lie about being a Costco player. “I’ve done my Costco research. I spoke to a manager there and I know how much I make an hour, what my shift is (5 a.m. to 1 p.m.), etc. I’m ready.”

Johnny Colatruglio
Boy-crazy and attention-loving, Johnny is a self-professed superfan who watches live feeds and says Neda from BBCAN2 is his Big Brother Canada idol. I like him and I hope he goes far.

Jordan Parhar
I don’t know what to make of Jordan just yet.

Kevin Martin
Probably my least favorite in the whole cast. He comes across as sleazy and his strategy involves throwing competitions, but making it look painfully obvious to the rest of the house — even though that defeats the entire purpose of throwing competitions. He’s basically Arlie 2.0 and that’s not a good thing.

Naeha Sareen
I like her and I got the impression she would do really well.

Patricia “Risha” Denner
We’ve never had a sexy older woman before, so I’m really excited to see how Risha does. (I hope she ends up in a Mrs. Robinson showmance with Zach.)

Pilar Nemer
Pilar was born in Mexico and has 10 siblings. She doesn’t strike me as particularly game savvy, but she may go far just because the other houseguests don’t view her as a threat.

Sarah Hanlon
A Hemployee! She works in a vapour lounge in Toronto! I don’t have much to say about Sarah except that if Anick from BBCAN2 and Nicole from BB16 had a baby, it would look just like Sarah. Despite saying she’s a witch (yes, this happened), I think Sarah will have a little more game savvy than Anick.

Sindy Nguyen
That’s Cindy with a C, you said? Unless people latch onto her goat potential, I see Sindy being an early boot. She’s way too into herself. She admits she isn’t a huge fan of the game. She uses a whole section of her bio just to talk about all the men she’s dated, including a stripper who looks just like Channing Tatum, apparently. I don’t think she’s on the show to win.

Willow Macdonald
She’s there for the “experience,” including eating slop. Her strategy is to basically lay low. But will she make any moves?

Zach Oleynik
A football player from Regina, Saskatchewan. At 6’4″, there’s no way Zach is going to avoid looking like a threat so he’s better off winning as many competitions as he can.

You can read the full bios here. Who are your favorites from this cast?

BBCAN3 is also going with a steampunk theme this year. It looks stunning and it’s very reminiscent of a BBUK style house.