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Big Brother Canada 3 Premiere Recap: A Shocking Twist Kicks Things Off

big brother canada 3

The premiere of Big Brother Canada season 3 kicked things off with a huge twist and 16 new houseguests, each of whom seem to have a strong and dynamic personality. Host Arisa Cox announced right away that Canada would hold more power than ever, and that held true till the end of the premiere when she revealed that Canada would decide the first person to be evicted from the house.

Meanwhile, the house looks very steampunk, with clock gears decorating the walls and furnishing. It’s very BBUK-esque. The first twist of the night turned out to be that the houseguests don’t get any furniture (including beds) or any of their belongings, which didn’t exactly put a smile on anyone’s face.

The 16 houseguests competing for the grand prize of $100,000 are Zach (the quarterback), Ashleigh (the girl next door), Jordan (the nerd), Godfrey (the psychology major), Sarah (the “No Collar“), Brittnee (the plus-sized model), Willow (the tomboy), Graig (the baseball scout), Naeha (the chiropractor), Johnny (the superfan), Bruno (the dad), Kevin (the poker player), Risha (the “cougar”), Bobby (the adrenaline junkie), Sindy (the pageant princess), and Pilar (the Mexican-born cheerleader). Right away, it seems like Zach and Ashleigh may get into a showmance, while Kevin professed his love for “big boobs” and “cougars”.

Sindy went around to everyone in the house introducing herself as “Sindy with an S”. Apparently, nobody told her this isn’t Survivor and you don’t have to spell anyone’s name! Unsurprisingly, Sindy ended up getting nominated as part of the second twist of the night.

Arisa announced that everyone is HOH and everyone would have to nominate two people for eviction right away. Most people nominated Sindy, and with Risha getting the second most amount of votes, both of them were put up for eviction. (Interestingly enough, the only women who didn’t nominate other women were Sarah and Pilar.)

The houseguests went on to play in the POV competition (the players were Sindy, Risha, Bobby, Kevin, Zach, and Naeha), which was a physical competition with a puzzle portion. Kevin and Sindy were the first two to finish their puzzle, but Sindy was the first one to unlock the POV and she took herself off the block. She then had to name a replacement nominee, and she picked Pilar.

Now, Risha and Pilar are nominated and Canada has to vote to evict one of them. Risha appeared to get the most sympathetic edit in the premiere (her parents both died from cancer and she raised her younger sister), so does she have the advantage? Some of the alumni are throwing their support behind Pilar, however.

What are your thoughts on the twist and who are you rooting for to stay?