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Who Won ‘Celebrity Apprentice’? Leeza Gibbons or Geraldo Rivera?

leeza gibbons

Entertainment reporter Leeza Gibbons won this season of Celebrity Apprentice, making her the second ever female winner — with Joan Rivers being the first.

Is anyone else surprised that “journalist” Geraldo Rivera lasted this long? He was only good at fundraising because he has a ton of rich Republican friends, many of whom work at Fox News. There was a point where I thought he would never get fired. But that’s what being friends with Donald Trump gets you, I suppose — a spot in the final 2 of Celebrity Apprentice.

This season of Celebrity Apprentice, which was filmed in the beginning of 2014, is presumably the last of the franchise. But given the stellar ratings its gotten, I’m sure we’ll be seeing another season down the road.

And this season, which included the eldest Jonas brother, two Sharknado actors, and two Real Housewives, had plenty of memorable moments. Kenya Moore stealing Vivica A. Fox‘s phone (allegedly, but let’s be real, she was definitely responsible) ranks among the highest. Ian Ziering, of all people, turned out to be a big character with a massive ego. Both Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville stirred up a lot of drama and conflict throughout the season, the latter of whom lasted longer and had a much more favorable edit.

As far as trashy reality TV shows go, Celebrity Apprentice delivered.

Let me know your thoughts! Who were you rooting for? What was your favorite moment from the season?