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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 17 Recap: “Danny Castellano Is My Nutritionist”

mindy project nutritionist

In this week’s The Mindy Project, with Mindy (Mindy Kaling) now suffering from intense morning sickness, Danny (Chris Messina) takes it upon himself to guide her into eating healthy. Knowing Mindy, that’s probably a hassle even Danny isn’t prepared for.

Meanwhile, at Schulman and Associates, Jeremy’s (Ed Weeks) looking for a new doctor to both replace Peter (Adam Pally) and Mindy. She finds the perfect person when she’s outside attempting to put a donut on each of her fingers. She comes across an old friend, Dr. Suzanne Phillips, played by the wonderful Vanessa Williams.

After meeting with the rest of the office, though, Dr. Phillips decides she doesn’t want to join because everyone there was either overworked, or in Mindy’s case, looked very hungry. They’re back to Square One.

After being told by Peter that her case is a geriatric obese one, Mindy tries especially hard to start eating healthy. She does find it incredibly hypocritical of Danny, when she catches him smoking, even after he told her he had quit for the baby.

After 2 weeks of not smoking, he goes to Mindy with the great news, demanding that she start eating better. If he can do it, she can do it. “It’s our baby, Mindy. Come on. I do not want to be the only parent in this relationship. I do not want that.” Mindy wishes she could fix herself, but she doesn’t have the drive like Danny does. The stress of the pregnancy has gotten the better of her, so much so that she throws up on one of the men applying for the doctor position.

And in fact, this man Dr. Adrian Bergdahl (Dan Bakkedahl), points out to them that this isn’t diet-triggered, but stress-triggered.

When he gets Danny alone in his office, he tells him that the stress is being caused by Danny. Both Danny and Mindy are trying to cut something out of their lives, but once the baby arrives, Danny’s going to want Mindy to cut him some slack because he might just turn back to smoking during his free time.

This really resonates with Danny, so he and Jeremy invite Dr. Bergdahl to be their new doctor on a trial basis.

That night, Danny goes home and apologizes for being too hard on Mindy. He’s just worried about her. They both admit to each other that they want them to be better because they need each other around. If they continue with their bad habits, they might not be.


  • Danny reading “A Brave New Dad.” So great.
  • “I have been eating for 2 my entire life and now I actually have an excuse.” – Mindy
  • I sort of like how it’s as if Peter hasn’t left. I mean, I’m pretty sure they’ve included him in all the previous episodes to date.
  • “It’s my favorite kind of cake — gigantic!” Same, Mindy. Same.
  • Pepe the Raccoon is back! Oh, wait, he left because Mindy’s healthy snacks are gross.
  • Eh, I would’ve thrown up on that guy, too, Mindy. He was being really annoying and wouldn’t shut up.