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‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’ Premiere Recap: “It’s Survivor Warfare”

survivor white collar

Thirty seasons of Survivor all culminate with this brand new season called Worlds Apart and featuring all-new players. The players are divided by class into three tribes: White Collar (Masaya), Blue Collar (Escameca), and No Collar (Nagarote).

“Class has nothing to do with it. It’s Survivor warfare.” – Carolyn

Jeff Probst has a very dramatic introduction (waves crashing all around him). Why? Because he’s Jeff. That’s why.

According to Jeff, White Collar make the rules, Blue Collar follow the rules, and No Collar break the rules. Sure. We’ll go with that.

The twist is kind of weak, if you ask me, especially because we just had a very similar twist during Survivor: Cagayan. Each tribe has to choose someone to represent them: Joaquin for White Collar, Dan for Blue Collar, and Will for No Collar. That person then has to choose a second person to come with them to make a very important decision. Joaquin chooses So, Dan chooses Mike, and Will chooses Jenn.

No Collar

At the No Collar camp, Nina confesses that she is completely deaf and wears a cochlear implant.

Will and Jenn have to make a decision between Deceit and Honesty, and they choose Honesty. That means bringing a big bag of rice and beans with them back to camp.

No Collar seems to be thriving in camp life. They’re happy and they drink from a coconut together.

Vince, the coconut vendor, says one of his weaknesses is his intense attraction to women, and he decides to make an alliance with Jenn — someone that he is very attracted to. Jenn, by the way, is hilarious and I hope she’s in it for the long-haul because I love her confessionals.

Vince and Joe clash over the building of the shelter. And Vince gets paranoid when he sees Jenn getting along with Joe, who manages to create a fire for their tribe. He pulls Jenn aside and asks her if she’s attracted to Joe. Jenn, of course, denies it. It’s only been a few days and Vince is already becoming that creepy, overly attached boyfriend. Awkward. His intense stare even reminds me of Caleb from this past season of Big Brother.

Blue Collar

Dan and Mike choose Honesty because Dan thinks it’s too early to be the villain (way to reveal you’re going to be a villain this season). When they get back to camp and tell everyone about their decision, a suspicious Sierra doesn’t believe they’re telling the truth and shares her concerns with Lindsey.

Rodney, or “Boston Rod” as I like to call him, connects with Lindsey over their tattoos. He uses the fact that his sister died to gain sympathy with her, and it seems to work. Boston Rod’s plan is to get the girls together and become their leader (not unlike what Boston Rob did in All-Stars and Redemption Island).

Elsewhere, Mike kills a scorpion and eats it. His stomach doesn’t react well. #ScorpionOverload

And Dan proves that his social skills are horrible. He snaps at the girls in the middle of building their shelter. Lindsey says he gets under her skin. Dan has pre-merge boot written all over his face.

so kim

White Collar

Joaquin and So choose Deceit. So dumb!

So says this means they’re in an alliance now, and Joaquin seems to be on board. When they get back to camp, So makes up a lie about how they had to choose between Honesty, Deceit, and… Neutral? The lie they come up with is absolutely terrible and everyone sees through it, including Carolyn and Shirin.

Shirin connects with Carolyn and Max. The three of them decide to stick together, which leaves Tyler on the outs as the swing vote and So and Joaquin together.

Out of all the tribes, White Collar struggles the most. They have a hard time making a fire.

Carolyn, meanwhile, is very observant and notices So looking around for an idol. Carolyn decides to go looking for it, even though she doesn’t have the clue, and she ends up finding it in a tree hole (because that’s how much effort the Survivor producers put into hiding these things).

The Immunity Challenge is a puzzle. So gives White Collar a head start by quickly untying the knots, but Shirin can’t figure out the last part of the puzzle. White Collar loses and has to go to tribal council.

Back at camp, everyone seems to agree that a woman has to go home because the men are stronger. PUH-LEASE. Since Shirin messed up on the puzzle and made their tribe lose, she appears to be the obvious boot. But So thinks Carolyn should go home because she’s older and won’t contribute that much to the challenges. She talks to Max, Joaquin, and Tyler about voting Carolyn out. Of course, Carolyn is suspicious and she can tell Joaquin and So are lying to her face.

Tyler decides to tell Carolyn that her name is being thrown around. She tells him about her idol, which seems to gain his trust.

Tribal council is a bit of a mess. Both So and Carolyn reveal a little too much information. So blurts out that she’s in an alliance with Joaquin, Max, and Tyler (or so she thinks). And Carolyn says she’s with Max and Shirin. But So already messed up by choosing Deceit during her and Joaquin’s mission.

So is voted out, 4-2.