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Stephen Colbert To Guest Star on ‘The Mindy Project’

stephen colbert beard

Only a couple months after the series finale of The Colbert Report, it seems like Stephen Colbert will be gracing our television screens yet again — before he goes on to inherit The Late Show from David Letterman. And this time, he’s going to be on The Mindy Project. Mindy Kaling decided to break the news via Twitter.

Since he’ll be playing a priest — Father Michael O’Donnell — we can only assume that he’s Danny’s priest. Will he be set on marrying Danny and Mindy? We can only hope.

Not much has been said about the episode or when it will air, but it will be directed by Ike Barinholz, who plays Morgan Tookers. He took a photo with Colbert, as well.

Are you excited to watch Colbert and his newly grown beard act alongside our favorites? I know I am. Check out The Mindy Project recaps.