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‘America’s Next Top Model’ Contestant Mirjana Puhar Murdered In Triple Homicide

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Yesterday, former America’s Next Top Model contestant Mirjana Puhar was murdered in a triple homicide.

Emmanuel Jesus Rangel, the suspected murderer, is currently being held in custody. He murdered Mirjana, her boyfriend Jonathan Alvarado, and his best friend Jusmar Gonzaga-Garcia. Mirjana had just began dating Alvarado a few months ago before the homicide occurred.

She and her boyfriend were discovered by a friend who reportedly received a call about gunshots heard at Mirjana, her boyfriend, and the third victim’s home, where she had just recently moved in. The friend also reported seeing money thrown about. They hadn’t discovered the third body at that time.

As of right now, police believe the homicide is related to drugs and that all three victims knew their killer.

Despite conflicts that may have occurred in the house between Mirjana and other ANTM contestants, some have commented on her recent passing.

Shei Phan, who was cut just before the top 3, posted a photo of Mirjana on her Instagram.

Another cycle 21 contestant, Raelia Lewis, tweeted the following.

If you were a fan of cycle 21, you may remember Mirjana as a very outspoken and brash contestant who wasn’t exactly the most popular in the house. There were often fights amongst the contestants but behind-the-scenes, it may have been a completely different story. Beautiful and strong-willed, Mirjana often discussed her need to be strong because of her harsh past. She was only 19-years-old.