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9 Worst Characters on Television

What makes a character the “worst” isn’t necessarily their amoral actions or behavior (some of our favorite characters walk a very thin line between good and evil). They could be the most self-righteous and moral character ever, but still annoy the ever-living shit out of us. Worst characters are those whose screentime we want depleted immediately because they’re just so unlikable, despite the writers best attempts at getting us to root for them. Who are some of the worst characters on TV? These are our 8 choices:

1. Fitz, Scandal


Why is Fitz, the hunky POTUS from Scandal, on this list? Let me count the ways… First of all, he shouldn’t even be president. It was all rigged! And when he found out about it, he played the ‘woe is me’ card and murdered an old lady with cancer instead of setting things right. (To be fair, the old lady with cancer tried to have him assassinated. Unfortunately for us, it didn’t exactly pan out.) He treats the women in his life like shit, and that includes Olivia Pope – the supposed love of his life.

Did I mention that he almost raped her in an elevator once? Yeah. That happened. But of course, he has daddy issues, so I guess we’re supposed to forgive and forget. (But I don’t.) Oh yeah, and there was that time he sent his friend Jake to go put surveillance cameras in Olivia’s apartment and spy on her – after having sex with Olivia in a dank closet and then telling her that he wanted nothing else to do with her, that she was basically just a piece of ass to him. On top of that, he can’t even do his job as president right! Fitz is dull, sloppy, and entitled.

2. Henry Mills, Once Upon A Time

I hate picking on a little kid… but, you know what, I’m going to. Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore) or Charming or whatever his last name is… is one of the most annoying children on television. You constantly wish for him to fall down a portal somewhere and never return (and since this is Once Upon A Time, it could very well happen). A large part of my irritation towards Henry is due to the acting – though to be a little fair, Once Upon A Time is not a very good venue to showcase your acting capabilities – but besides that, the character is undeniably whiny. There just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of depth to Henry. If it weren’t for the dialogue telling you what the character is feeling or thinking, you don’t get the sense that he’s particularly attached to either Emma or Regina. He’s got to be the most annoying child on television right now.

3. Roman Godfrey, Hemlock Grove

It’s been mentioned many, many times throughout our recaps of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, but Roman Godfrey (Bill Skarsgard) is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Person. What makes it even worse is that as I was watching the show, I felt like I was supposed to be rooting for him. After all, he’s one of the main characters of the show, so one of the major themes of his character arc is his need to become a Big Damn Hero, and by the end of the show he struggles against his very nature so that he might become one – but no. Just, no. Roman is an entitled rich boy who, among other things, threw a hissy fit when he couldn’t get what he wanted (Peter’s friendship) then dealt with those issues by raping his classmate and wiping her memory of the attack afterwards. One of his few redeeming qualities is how kindly he treats his sister, Shelley, but in light of the rest of the shitty things he’s done, that’s hardly enough to warrant not adding him to this list of Worst Characters.

4. Finn Samson, Misfits

Finn (Nathan McMullen) is basically the textbook definition of a creepy Nice Guy™. He spends the majority of season four of Misfits stalking Jess, and one of his first major story arcs dealt with his highly problematic relationship with his long-time girlfriend. It was revealed early on in the latest series that he had her tied up in his apartment, forcing her to shit in a bucket because she was basically his hostage. And the whole thing was just really… rapey (for lack of a better term). Despite all the creepiness, all was forgiven and they even hinted at Jess and Finn possibly entering into a romance. He was later given a storyline about his long-lost father and sister, but we did not care one bit. This character never became endearing to us, therefore we simply didn’t care about his storylines or inner angst.

5. Finn Hudson, Glee

To start off, he forced Santana out of the closet in a very public and humiliating way. He’s dumber than a box of rocks. He behaves like a violent, hulking gorilla. This latest season, he beat up Rachel’s college boyfriend, telling him “stay away from my future wife,” and also made out with his former guidance counselor, Emma, who was engaged to Mr. Schue at the time. On top of all that, he can’t even sing! I would say more, but I think it’s obvious what makes Finn one of the worst characters on television. Everything.

6. April Kepner, Grey’s Anatomy

I started getting really annoyed with April (Sarah Drew) towards the end of season 8, when she came out as a total Jesus Freak. Before you jump all over me, I want to preface this by saying that I’m usually very respectful of people’s religious beliefs. Usually. I guess I just have a hard time grasping my head around the idea that Jesus wants you to be a virgin until someone puts a ring on your finger, and if you break that rule, then you’re automatically going to hell regardless of whether or not you’re a veritable angel in all other aspects of your life (having sex doesn’t make you a bad person, after all).

After April lost her virginity to Jackson, she proceeded to have a total meltdown because “Jesus hates her” and it was the most irritating thing to watch play out on-screen. But she enjoyed sex with Jackson so much that she kept going back for more… and so began the process of her waffling back-and-forth between wanting to bang Jackson and wanting to be abstinent, because she couldn’t make up her mind about anything. This girl makes mountains out of tiny molehills! At this point, you just want her to join a convent and leave our TV screens forever.

7. Jackson Whittemore, Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is, as its name suggests, a show about teenagers. It takes place in a high school located in a small town. Like all TV high schools located in small towns, it is going to include the archetypes that television producers have yet to figure out don’t always exist in real life. One of those archetypes is Jackson Whittemore’s (Colton Haynes); since his role was to be the Bully-Jock, he was always going to be a huge asshole.

The key to the success of Teen Wolf was that the characters grew out of the silly stereotypes that the characters initially embodied. While Scott (Tyler Posey) went from lovelorn wimp to legitimate hero and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) matured out of his solely comic relief stage, Jackson continued being a huge douche that looked out for no one but himself. Fans got an arc where he goes on a power trip and insists on becoming a werewolf so he can be the best version of himself possible (or something like that, I don’t even know – I tune him out a lot).

Sure, there were some attempts to redeem him by revealing he was abandoned by his birth parents and making Lydia his “One True Love,” but it just didn’t ring true. His worst moment would have to be when he told the local sheriff that he knew fellow lacrosse player Isaac (Daniel Sharman) was beaten by his father, but kept the info to himself because it didn’t concern him. That’s one irredeemable little nitwit right there.

8. Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

To be fair, all of the characters on Gossip Girl are huge contenders for Worst Character on Television. So this makes Chuck Bass worst of the worst (worse than Gossip Girl himself!). Despite what all the whisper-acting and rapid aging syndrome would have you believe, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) isn’t even an interesting bad boy. He’s got the usual daddy issues and issues with women in general (he has countless fake moms). He attempted to rape someone at least twice… (three times if you count the physical abuse Blair – his future wife – endured in his apartment in the Season 4 episode “The Princess and the Frog”) and somehow ended up being some big romantic hero by the end of the series. And while we’re on the topic of Blair, I want to mention the fact that he prostituted her out to his uncle (who has a history of attempted rape) in exchange for a hotel and then proceeded to have sex with his then-step-sister whom he tried to rape in the Pilot.

9. Tate Langdon, American Horror Story

Certain avenues of “fandom” have a tendency to woobify villainous characters (particularly male ones they find attractive), but if ever there were a character that should never, ever, ever in a million years be woobified or felt sorry for, it’s Tate. When he was alive, the guy poured gasoline on his mother’s boyfriend before setting him on fire. He also brought guns to school and terrorized then killed several of his classmates (and doomed their ghosts to wandering the earth forever, but that’s a story for another time).

He’s pretty much a sociopath, and just because he and Violet share some kind of fucked up Romeo-and-Juliet-esque romance once he becomes a ghost doesn’t mean he’s redeemed. It’s pretty clear throughout the course of American Horror Story‘s first season that he’s just as terrible as he always was. Just look at what he did to Violet’s mother, and to Chad and Patrick, the gay couple that moved into Murder House.

Do you agree or disagree? Who do you think is the worst character on television? Leave a comment below!