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Scandal 2×22 “White Hat’s Back On” Recap


Olivia is reeling from the news that Billy Chambers is the mole.

Last season, Charlie was supposed to get rid of him. Instead, he and Billy struck up a deal that if Charlie let him live, then Billy could make them both very rich men since Billy has so much access to the White House. He knows all of the vice president’s passwords, etc. Charlie agreed.

David Rosen tells Billy that he’s going to hold onto the Cytron card until they’re ready to use it. Billy thinks David is going to screw this up for them because of his personal involvement with Olivia Pope & Associates.

Olivia figures out that Billy is working with Governor Samuel Reston (Tom Amandes), the Democrat who Fitz ran against in the election.

Olivia assembles the election rigging people together. That includes Hollis Doyle, Mellie, and Cyrus. Mellie and Cyrus are bickering, and Mellie gets up to leave when Fitz walks in through the door. He tells Mellie to sit down. Turns out Olivia invited him. They decide that they need to get the Cytron card back, because without it, Billy has nothing.

Mellie storms off after the meeting is over. Cyrus chases her down, but she tells him that she won’t be humiliated anymore. Cyrus promises Mellie that Fitz will come back to her in time. A look crosses her face; she either believes him or just wants very badly to believe him.

Fitz and Olivia, alone together, discuss their future. Fitz wants Olivia to be his First Lady, but Olivia tells him that that’s not possible. Then Fitz proceeds to go down on Olivia.

The vice president has turned on Fitz. Apparently, she’s planning on running against Fitz in the re-election. Cyrus angrily yells at her.

James is upset that Cyrus is shutting him out.

The gladiators-in-suits are trying to track down Billy.

Cyrus meets with the head of B-613 who seemingly makes threats to kill Olivia since she won’t stop seeing the President.

Cyrus has a heart attack.

Reston meets with Fitz to confront him over Defiance election rigging. He says that if Fitz puts Reston on his ticket, then Reston won’t leak Defiance the press.

During Cyrus’ ambulance ride, he calls Fitz and Olivia to discuss the election rigging situation. They tell him that Reston came to speak with Fitz, but of course, Fitz didn’t say anything incriminating.

Billy convinced David Rosen to give him the Cytron card, and after some prodding, David hands it over.


Seeing James say on television that Fitz is seeking spiritual guidance over the affair, Mellie rushes over to the hospital and pretends to be concerned over Cyrus while Fitz is in the room. She thinks that things will go back to the way they were, with Mellie as First Lady. Fitz tells her otherwise, and gives her details of how Fitz plans to proceed. He will announce that he’s getting divorced, then go on high-profile dates with women here and there, finally – over time – he will end up with Olivia, his dear friend who stood by him after his assassination attempt. If Mellie complies, then Fitz will give her all the political capital she wants. If she does not comply, then she will be made to look like a racist.

Mellie is speechless, and leaves the room. Cyrus is impressed, but guesses that it was all Olivia’s plan – of course.

Later, someone tries to break into Olivia’s apartment. It’s one of B-613’s assassins. But Jake Ballard comes to Olivia’s rescue. He brings her to her office, telling her that she will be safe there, and reveals that he is a member of B-613. Olivia is thankful and apologizes for doubting that Jake was a good man. She tells him that she can help him get out of B-613, but he leaves.

Cyrus rushes down to see Olivia. He’s relieved that she’s unharmed, but to his utter dismay, she still plans on being with Fitz. Angry, he tells her about Fitz killing Verna. Olivia is shocked.

Then Cyrus leaves for the Oval Office and proceeds to show Fitz the sex tape of Olivia and Jake.


Quinn and Huck find Billy and tie him up. Huck has a drill, ready to use it on Billy in order to make Billy tell him where the Cytron card is. When Huck finds himself faltering, Quinn takes over… And she is way too excited about drilling holes into Billy’s thigh. Huck horrified and shaken up by Quinn’s behavior.

Billy tells them where the Cytron card is, but when they insert the card into the computer, it turns out to be blank. Eventually, Billy reveals that David Rosen was the one who got the Cytron card in the first place, but it turns out that the one he gave Billy was fake.

It’s revealed that David Rosen was playing Olivia and the Gladiators the whole time. When he was alone in the office, he tried all the different combinations to get into the security vault containing the Cytron card. Eventually, he got to the right combination. Then he made several copies of the Cytron card, keeping the real one for himself while giving Billy the fake one.

The Defiance Election Rigging Squad meet up to discuss David Rosen, when Cyrus gets a message saying that Davis is in his office. Cyrus meets with David, who gives him the Cytron card in return for something else.

Olivia goes through the box David left for her. The box contains audio of Billy confessing to the various murders.

The President praises David to reporters, telling them that David uncovered who the White House mole was. Billy is arrested and David is appointed the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.

The box in Olivia’s office also contains a symbolic white hat, which Olivia puts on her head.

Olivia and Fitz meet up to discuss what they’ve learned about each other. Olivia reveals that she knows that Fitz killed Verna, which he is taken aback by. He tells her that he was about to forgive her for sleeping with Jake, but Fitz killing Verna is obviously much worse and harder to forgive. Olivia tells him that she cannot be with him, even if she wanted to, because her team of gladiators need her and she can’t abandon them.

At the end of the episode, Fitz goes crawling back to Mellie (quite literally) and Olivia goes out for a jog in a pristine, white tracksuit. When she opens the doors to go outside, however, she is bombarded with a swarm of reporters asking her questions about having an affair with the President of the United States. She is ushered away and into towncar with black, tinted windows. The man sitting across from is the head of B-613. As soon as Olivia sees him, she says, “Dad?”

At this point, I bet y’all are screaming, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?


Memorable Quotes

Huck: It’s true what they say. If you want someone killed right, you gotta kill them yourself.
Abby: Somebody stitch that on a pillow.

Cyrus: The love of your life is a red-handed, cold-blooded killer. That is what you’re dealing with. That is who you love… This is not a romance novel. Life is not a romance novel.