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Scandal 2×20 “A Woman Scorned” Recap


The Gladiators

When the team tells Olivia that Cyrus might be the mole, Olivia doesn’t want to believe it, at first. She tells them that they have to be sure. Later, Huck tells Olivia that Cyrus had Amanda Tanner killed (back in season 1) and he was holding onto this information this whole time to protect Olivia’s feelings.

Huck identifies baseball hat guy as Charlie, and they immediately go into gladiator-mode.

The team figures out that Charlie is a member of a book club, and may have a girlfriend. Under the guise that they’re doing a background check on Charlie for a job, they question the woman and find out that she and Charlie have been dating for about a week. Later, they find out that she was the court reporter for the Defiance grand jury. So it turns out that Charlie pursued her in order to get to her laptop, which had all of the information on the trial.

Olivia & Fitz

Jake has been assigned to follow Olivia around in order to protect her, but of course, Olivia is having none of it. Jake wants to know how deep Olivia is in with the President. Instead of answering the question, Olivia kisses Jake and feigns ignorance.

Fitz calls Olivia up and “summons” her to the White House, but Olivia tells him to back off. When Fitz threatens to come to her office, Olivia storms over to the Oval Office and the two have a huge argument. It culminates with Olivia telling Fitz that if he wants her, then he has to earn her. Then she leaves.

Cyrus & Mellie

Cyrus is stressed and freaking out about Mellie threatening to go public with Fitz’s affair. Fitz wants to call Mellie’s bluff because he doesn’t think she’ll go through with it – she loves being First Lady too much. Mellie tells Cyrus what her demands are, and makes it very clear that she won’t settle for anything less.

James excitedly tells Cyrus about his new TV reporter job, but Cyrus is distracted and more concerned with the Mellie situation.

Cyrus calls Olivia, wanting to know where she stands, and she insists that it’s over between her and Fitz.

Charlie gets video footage of Jake and Olivia having sex. Cyrus tells Charlie to hold on to it for now.

Cyrus tries to convince Fitz to go to Mellie, and give in to her demands because she isn’t thinking like a First Lady – she’s thinking like a woman scorned. Fitz gets up and is on the move, seemingly going to Mellie. Instead, he shows up at Olivia’s doorstep. He tells her that he’s choosing her over Mellie and the presidency, and the two end up having sex.

Meanwhile, Mellie exposes Fitz’s philandering ways in an interview with James on national television. GASP.


Highlights for me include Huck’s reaction to Charlie possibly having a girlfriend, David asking who Fitz was having the affair with and the rest of the gladiators rushing out of the room, and – of course – Mellie’s interview where she laid it all out there (save for the identity of Fitz’s mistress).

As usual, the worst parts were every single scene that involved Fitz. He continues to be the worst, like waiting for Mellie to end their marriage instead of growing up and doing it himself. And how many times have we heard “you do not dismiss me!” from him, while he continues to summon Olivia like she’s a piece of property open to his every beck and call.

Man, I despise Fitz. Sorry, Fitz lovers.

Rating: B

Memorable Quotes

Olivia: I’m done with him, Cy.
Cyrus: Done-done or heavy phone breathing done?

Charlie: Barbara, I completely agree with all of the points you made, but frankly, I find the level of violence in 50 Shades to be more than a little disturbing.

Olivia: I am not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, earn me!

The preview for the next episode:

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