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Canceled vs. Renewed


We got a lot of announcements today on the status of some of our favorite shows. So, I compiled a list for easy reading.



  • Body of Proof
  • Family Tools
  • Happy Endings
  • How To Live With Your Parents 
  • Red Widow


  • CSI: New York
  • Golden Boy
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Vegas


  • 1600 Penn
  • Deception
  • Go On
  • Guys With Kids
  • The New Normal
  • Smash
  • Up All Night
  • Whitney


  • Southland

The shows I’m most devastated about are Happy Endings and Southland, especially with that killer of a series finale they gave us. One more season of Southland to wrap things up would have been perfect, and it was certainly one of the most well-written, overall best cop shows on television which – unfortunately – never got the recognition it truly deserved. Happy Endings had its ups and downs but the show was consistently funny and had an amazing cast that gelled perfectly with each other. There is a chance that USA might pick it up, so I’m crossing my fingers that happens.

I stopped watching Go On early on, but from what I’ve read, the show had a lot of potential. As for the rest of these shows, none of them were particularly great and some of them were downright terrible. I’m not sorry to see them go.


Community and The Carrie Diaries were the two shockers, out of all the shows that were renewed.

Maybe not so much Community because, despite NBC’s sitcom rampage, Community has a very solid fanbase (along with Parks & Recreation, the only other NBC sitcom to get renewed). If none of NBC’s new fall sitcoms work out, who knows – Community may end up getting a sixth season, finally bringing the mantra “six seasons and a movie” to fruition.

On The Bubble

Still no word on Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal, and NBC probably won’t announce whether it will be getting renewed or not until next week. (I’m forming a prayer circle for this one.)