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A Few Good Trailers: Populaire, Don Jon, and More

A typist, a porn watcher, and how to live with your mother for the rest of your life

Populaire (2013)

I think the French have a knack for unique storytelling – and a love story set against the backdrop of a typing competition during the 1950’s falls under that category. Déborah François stars as the quirky typist whose boss (Romain Duris) takes it upon himself to train her for a typing competition because of her quick-typing abilities, which she uses to make up for being a terrible secretary. The two begin to develop a romantic relationship, and from the trailer, it looks to be absolutely adorable, lighthearted, and charming.

Don Jon (2013)

Don Jon was received well by critics at Sundance, where it first premiered. Previously titled Don Jon’s Addiction, first-time director and writer Joseph Gordon-Levitt (and star of the film) explained that the reason for the name change was to avoid confusion over the premise of the movie. In the director’s own words:

Don Jon is a comedy about how men and women treat each other, and how the media we consume can create unrealistic expectations that we put on one another. That’s why the story centers around a relationship between a young man (played by me) who watches too much pornography and a young woman (played by Scarlett) who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies. It’s a topic I personally find fascinating and hilarious. [Screen Invasion]

The trailer is pretty entertaining, to say the least, and Johansson is serving up some serious Jersey Shore realness. I’m excited for this.

Girl Most Likely (2013)

I really enjoyed Bridesmaids, so I’m interested in Kristen Wiig’s future projects. I like her more when she’s mellowed out, rather than playing those weird characters on SNL (with the exception of Gilly… sorry)It’s one of the few female-centric films to come out this year and one of the few 2013 comedies that looks like it might be actually be funny. (2013 has been a disappointing year for comedies, so far.)

Girl Most Likely tells the story of a woman named Imogene who has a breakdown and then is forced to live with her eccentric mother, whom she doesn’t really get along with, and her mother’s boyfriend (Matt Dillon). Darren Criss plays Wiig’s potential love interest, so that should be interesting.

Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Inside Llewyn Davis, both written and directed by the Coen brothers, stars Oscar Isaac as a folk singer in New York during the 1960’s. The film also stars Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund, John Goodman, and F. Murray Abraham. Early reviews from Cannes, where it was awarded the Grand Prix, have been really positive. Peter Bradshaw writes:

Ultimately, the heartrending thing about Inside Llewyn Davis is its meditation on career success and career failure, and the unknowable moment when the one turns into the other… The intense sadness that permeates every chord and every note of his music, could be a desperate requiem for his own dreams, his own musical career. What an intense pleasure this film is, one of the Coens’ best, and the best so far at Cannes. [The Guardian]

I will watch this for the cat.

The Butler (2013)

Oprah! That should be enough to want to watch this movie, right?

It looks a little Lifetime, and I’m a bit skeptical of director Lee Daniels given his previous credits include The Paperboy, a movie in which Nicole Kidman urinates on High School Musical alumus Zac Efron. From the trailer, the movie seems to be vilifying the Black Panthers, as well, which doesn’t sit right with me. But it’s going to be interesting to see all these presidents packed into a single movie… That’s really what I’m looking forward to the most. I’m just hoping this isn’t another white savior movie.