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Shameless 3×11 “Order Room Service” Recap


“Hell froze over.”

In last week’s episode of Shameless, Jimmy decided to go back to medical school, Lip figured out that Mandy hit Karen with her car, and Ian is still dealing with heartbreak over the fact that Mickey is getting married to the Russian prostitute from “Cascading Failures.”


Fiona (Emmy Rossum) has decided that moving the family to Michigan, where Jimmy (Justin Chatwin) will be attending medical school, might work out, after all. Jimmy isn’t exactly… thrilled.

At work, she asks her boss Mike (Jake McDorman) about the company’s offices in Michigan and whether she could get a job out there. Mike is a little disheartened to learn that Fiona plans to move away, and then proceeds to invite her (and the rest of the Gallagher clan) to a camping trip that everyone from work will be attending.

That night, she talks to V (Shanola Hampton) about her plans to move to Michigan. Jimmy leaves for work shortly thereafter, but accidentally leaves his phone behind. Fiona answers it, only to find out it’s a realtor and that Jimmy’s credit has been approved for a one-bedroom studio apartment out in Michigan. That’s when she realizes that Jimmy was never planning on bringing her and the kids along with him to Michigan at all.

She goes to Jimmy’s place of work, the coffee shop, to confront him. Jimmy tries to play it off, but the two end up getting into a huge argument. It culminates with Jimmy calling Fiona’s neighborhood a “slum.” Fiona storms off, telling Jimmy he can sleep somewhere else for the night.

The next day, she gets the kids (sans Lip, Ian, and Carl) ready for the camping trip. While Debbie and Liam have a fantastic time, Fiona and Mike hang out and get drunk on beers. They end up kissing behind a tree, and Mike invites Fiona to his tent. They’re about to have sex, when Fiona suddenly puts a stop to it – realizing that she’s technically cheating on Jimmy.

Mike is very understanding about the whole thing. In fact, he even tells Fiona that she has nothing to apologize for. He shows her a tattoo on his hip of his ex-wife’s name. The divorce was finalized a week ago, and Mike confesses that he might have been using Fiona for revenge, too.

Fiona realizes that she still wants to make it work with Jimmy. She calls him later, telling him that she’s willing to give a long-distance relationship – with Jimmy being a four-hour train ride away – a try.


Of course, Jimmy isn’t able to answer Fiona’s call.

He gets an unexpected visit from Estefania’s father, Nando (Pepe Rapazote).

Jimmy had ignored Este’s call earlier, thinking it was non-emergency-related, but it turns out it was an emergency because Immigration showed up and interrogated her. Now that Este’s been deported, Jimmy’s in big trouble. Nando takes him out to lunch, doing the eerily-calm-James-Bond-villain thing, before making him get on his boat.

Jimmy is scared shitless (as he should be). Beto (Bernardo de Paula) tells Jimmy to be a man for once his life, which is Beto’s way of comforting Jimmy, I guess. Jimmy asks to make a phone call to Fiona, but that’s not going to happen. Beto throws the cell phone away into the water.

Then Beto looks on, a troubled look on his face, as the boat – with Jimmy on board – departs.

It’s pretty ambiguous as to whether or not Jimmy is dead.


Lip (Jeremy Allen White) goes to Kevin (Steve Howey) for advice about what to do about psycho!Mandy. He tells Kevin that he’s pretty sure Mandy (Emma Greenwell) ran Karen (Laura Wiggins) over with her car. Kevin tells Lip that he needs to end it, but in a gentle, slow manner. The most important thing is to not have sex with Mandy.

Mandy becomes increasingly paranoid, insecure, and possessive, as Lip withdraws more and more.

The morning of Fiona’s camping trip with the kids, Mandy forces herself on Lip and they end up having sex. Ambiguous rape scene? I’m not sure what happened there.

Lip locks himself in the bathroom, as Mandy gets ready for Mickey’s wedding. She opens the door and finally confronts him about his behavior. Lip skirts away from the topic, remembering Kevin’s advice. Mandy, fed up, tells Lip not to bother coming to the wedding.

Lip goes to Karen’s house. Sheila (Joan Cusack) tells him that Jody (Zach McGowan) is planning to take Karen and Hymie to Sedona, Arizona, to try out some New Age medicinal stuff on Karen to see if she gets better.

He goes up to Karen’s room, where it’s just the two of them. Karen’s in really bad shape, and is suffering from serious brain damage. She has all of her old memories, but can’t form new ones, and she very child-like and innocent in her mannerisms and behavior.

Lip recounts old memories of when he and Karen were friends, and tears up at the fact that Karen is now a shell of her former self. He angrily tells her that Mandy is responsible for hitting her and putting her in the hospital, but Karen doesn’t show much of a reaction and can’t seem to retain this new information.

Lip storms into Mickey’s wedding reception and finally ends things with Mandy.


Ian (Cameron Monaghan) can’t stop thinking about Mickey (Noel Fisher) and the impending wedding. Lip tells him to stay as far away from that “trainwreck” as possible. Yes! Listen to your brother, Ian.

Instead, Ian ends up volunteering to help set up for the wedding.

Later, he goes to confront Mickey right before the ceremony. Mickey says it’s just a piece of paper, but Ian doesn’t feel the same way. Mickey says they can still screw around on the side. Ian pleads with him to not go through with the wedding, and the two end up having sex.

Afterwards, Ian thinks Mickey’s going to call off the wedding – but that’s not the case. They get into another argument, when suddenly Mandy barges in, telling Mickey that everyone is waiting for him.

At the reception, a drunk Ian blurts out in front of Mandy that he and Mickey had been fucking for some time now. Mandy stands there shocked. Seriously, Mandy? How did you not figure it out sooner?

Frank & Carl

Frank (William H. Macy) is homeless now, so a sympathetic Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) sneaks him into the family’s RV. Carl tells him about his rich foster parents (from when the family was taken away by Social Services), and since Carl still has the password key, the two plan to break in and rob the house.

Carl fakes an illness to get out of the camping trip with Fiona, in favor of going to the rich couple’s house with Frank. They successfully rob the place blind.

But then the police arrive later that night, and are about to arrest Carl. Turns out the password – CARL – was specially made just for Carl. Lip arrives, and argues with the police to let his brother go.

Frank hears the commotion from the RV and comes out. In a surprisingly twist of events, Frank takes all of the blame, saying that he forced Carl to give him the password. So the police arrest Frank instead, as Lip and Carl look on in disbelief.

Rating: B

Memorable Quotes

Kevin: Does Mandy know you’re going over there?
Lip: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I told her…
Kevin: Lip, you can’t tell her that shit! That’s like waving the flag in front of the bull! Hide the car keys. Stop showering. And you tell her nothing. And whatever you do, do not – Lip! Do not let her bone you.

Fiona: Wait, so you’re telling me you’ve never been to a strip club?
Mike: No, just the thought of a lap dance actually makes me woozy. Like – do I grope? How do I go about doing that in like a non-offensive way? Like – do I make eye contact? Or is that – that could be insulting, cause I mean – she worked so hard on her body…

Mickey: Why you acting like I got a choice in this?
Ian: This is bullshit! Listen to me, Mickey. Your dad is an evil, psychotic prick. You’re just going to let him ruin your life?
Mickey: You need to grow the fuck up! Don’t act like you know a thing about my dad!
Ian: Are you fucking kidding me?!
Mickey: Not everybody gets to just… Not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fuckin’ feel every minute.

[The police take Frank into custody.]
What happened?
Lip: Hell froze over.

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