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Scandal 2×19 “Seven Fifty-Two” Recap


Jasika Nicole guest stars

In this episode of Scandal, we learn more about Huck (Guillermo Diaz), as the writers delve into his past.

Olivia & Fitz

Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) wants Olivia (Kerry Washington) back. Olivia shoves him away, saying that he left her all alone and now she can’t do this anymore, but he refuses to leave. Instead, he goes and waits in the hospital waiting room.

When Olivia finally gets discharged, Fitz tries once again to win her over, but she shuts him down, saying that having her followed and watched isn’t love. They also finally get to hash it out over Defiance.

In their final scene together, Fitz asks her if she still loves him, and she says she does. Fitz then demands she give him another chance. What the fuck?! They kiss, but in the end, Olivia decides she can’t put herself through this again.

Huck’s Flashbacks

Through Huck’s many flashbacks throughout the episode, we find out who Huck was before he became a gladiator, and before he became a torture-and-murder addict at the behest of the United States Government.

Back early from a tour in Kosovo, Huck (whose real name is revealed to be Ben) sneaks up behind his girlfriend Kimmy (Jasika Nicole) as she’s reading to a group of little kids at a library. She’s overjoyed to see him, but is a little confused as to why he’s back when his tour isn’t over yet. Huck tells her that he took a test awhile ago and now some big official government guys want to meet with him, possibly offer him a job.

When he gets to the meeting, he and the government official aren’t alone; Charlie (George Newbern) looms menacingly near the doorway sucking on a lollipop. That creepy dude’s presence clues us into the exact nature of the job Huck’s being offered.

Hesitantly, Huck accepts the job offer, and Charlie gets to work on training him on the intricacies of torture. Huck doesn’t want or like to do it at first, and only does it out of fear of what would happen if he didn’t.

When Kimmy tells him she’s pregnant, the joy he feels from that starts to trickle into his work, and Huck is shown to start really, really enjoying his job. His personal life is going great, as well, with Kimmy and Huck getting married and buying a house.

After the baby is born, Huck has a breakdown at work and begins to cry. Now that he’s a father, his mindset is changing.

Then, one day, Huck comes home to find Charlie in his kitchen laughing with Kimmy and holding Huck’s baby. They go outside, where Charlie hisses that Huck needs to “take care of this” or he’ll do it for him.

Later that night, Huck tries to pack his bags and leave the country with Kimmy, but instead, Charlie and several others grab him as he’s leaving and shove him into solitary confinement in a pitch black room underground. Every so often, the men keeping Huck confined will open the door to ask him: “Do you have a wife and child,” and it’s only when he says “No,” that they let him out. Over this period of time, Huck has gone slightly mental and has grown a long beard.

Freshly “rehabilitated”, Huck is put back to work. When he’s unable to torture the man he’s told to torture, Charlie shows up to shoot him but instead lets Huck run.

The Gladiators

Huck, apparently, has lost his mind. He’s sitting in the corner of one of the rooms, rocking back-and-forth, and repeating the words, “seven fifty-two.” Quinn, Abby, and Harrison are predictably worried about him, on top of being worried about Olivia. Harrison goes to the hospital and tries to talk with her, but is blocked by Secret Service. I think he knows about Olivia’s relationship with the President, but it’s a bit unclear.

When he turns to leave, he notices a man wearing a baseball cap – Charlie – and tries to chase him down, but is unsuccessful. He informs Quinn and Abby of these developments, leaving out the fact that Secret Service was at the hospital, when he returns to the office.

One by one, Quinn, Abby, and Harrison all talk to Huck and try to get him to leave the room. They all go into detail about their own personal tragedies.

But it’s Olivia who is finally able to get Huck out of the room, after she returns from the hospital. Huck tells her that he thinks he might have had a family, before.

White House & Albatross

Fitz finally returns from Olivia’s bedside, only to find the staff packing up Mellie’s things. She tells him that she’s leaving, that she’ll be staying at Blair House across the street from the White House until Fitz finally comes to his senses about Olivia. Otherwise, Mellie threatens to tell the media about Fitz cheating on her, which would destroy his re-election campaign. She takes baby Teddy with her.  

We then see Cyrus calling Charlie telling him to find out more information about Olivia”s relationship with Jake Ballard. He wants “hard proof, something he can use.” But use against who?

Jake, meanwhile, is having a secret meeting again with that guy that hired him to “take care of” the false Albatross. Through that conversation, we find out that Jake isn’t working for the real Albatross, as some people initially thought, but rather against him.

When Jake asks to be reassigned to a different case because he has a conflict of interests with this one (the man interprets this to mean Jake’s friendship with the President, but what Jake really means is his relationship with Olivia), he’s turned down with a cryptic “You know who we are. There is no such thing as an ‘out.'” Wait, that sounds really similar to what Charlie told Huck in one of his flashbacks…

You know why that is? Because that mysterious guy is the head of the department that creates torture/murder expert operatives like Charlie and Huck.


The Fitz and Olivia scenes are infuriating to watch. He’s the absolute worst – the biggest asshole on this show (and we’ve had murderers and terrorists). Like, I want to vomit every time he comes on screen. And the melodrama is just too much. I feel my eyes rolling out the back of my head every time that damn Olitz theme music comes on. Enough, already! I give all of those scenes a big fat F.

On the plus side, Huck’s backstory was really emotional and interesting. I hope Jasika Nicole returns, at some point. I liked her character. Hopefully, we’ll get more backstory on some of the other characters, as well.

Rating: B

Memorable Quotes

Charlie: You know I killed a king once? A real one. With a crown and everything. Those were the days…

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