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Scandal 2×18 “Molly, You In Danger, Girl” Recap


Yes, that is the title of this episode

This week’s episode of Scandal kicks off with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) announcing to the country that Osborne was leaking top-secret information to terrorists, along with the news that Osborne has committed suicide – or so everyone thinks. Last week, we learned that Osborne was really murdered.

Meanwhile, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) and Quinn (Katie Lowes) sweep Olivia’s place for bugs; ‘Sweep Day’ is routinely done every third Wednesday of every month. Unfortunately for Olivia, however, Jake (Scott Foley) is one step ahead of them…

The White House

Cyrus (Jeff Perry) is trying to convince a less-than-thrilled Fitz, who appears to have quit drinking, and Mellie (Bellamy Young) to do an interview. He can’t stress the importance of this interview enough. It’ll be there first one-on-one network interview since the birth of their child and the assassination attempt. Not to mention there are less than six weeks left before Fitz has to announce his bid for re-election.

Eventually, the two agree, and Cyrus explains that they must appear like a happy, devoted couple. After Fitz leaves the room, Mellie reassures Cyrus that the interview will go smoothly (they’d had enough practice pretending to be happy), and that not every couple can be as devoted and loving as him and James.

Later, Olivia watches Fitz and Mellie’s interview on TV, with a glass of red wine on hand and a pained look on her face.

During the interview, Fitz and Mellie recount the story of how they first met. When they’re alone together, Fitz goes into the details of they really met: Fitz’s father was always displeased with the women Fitz dated and one day he took him to a tavern to meet up with an old college buddy of his, who happened to bring his clerk – Mellie – with him. Mellie was the ideal person for Fitz to date, according to Fitz’s father, because she was from old money and a true American blue-blood. Fitz compares the situation to a merger, rather than a blind date.

Fitz wants to know if all the lies and pretending ever bothers Mellie, who quietly explains that all marriages are pretend. Fitz is in disbelief, and wants to know whether he’s responsible for making Mellie the way she is or if she’s always been like that. Mellie, in turn, is worried about Fitz.

Later, Fitz confesses to Cyrus that he killed Verna Thornton. Cyrus is weirded out.

Cyrus and James

It also turns out that Cyrus and James (Dan Bucatinsky) aren’t doing so well. James doesn’t feel like he can trust Cyrus ever since he found out about election rigging, and so they’ve been living separately for the past 22 days. The six months before that, James was barely speaking to Cyrus.

Fitz reveals that he knows that Cyrus and James are separated, and advises Cyrus not to give up on James – if he truly loves him.

Cyrus seems to take this advice to heart. He tells James that he wants to come home, and that he’s not going anywhere. Then, the two hash things out. Cyrus explains that James is angry with himself, and that he perjured himself in order to protect Cyrus – that he chose happiness over truth and justice. An emotional James tells Cyrus that he wishes he never found out about Defiance.

Olivia Pope & Associates

With Osborne dead, Olivia (Kerry Washington) informs David Rosen (Joshua Malina) and Molly (Mageina Tovah) – Wendy’s friend – that they’re safe now, and that they’re free to return to their former lives. (Refresher: Wendy was the dead girl in David’s apartment, and Molly was Wendy’s friend, who said that Osborne threatened her.)

The Albatross case looks like it’s going into storage, when suddenly, Osborne’s wife appears. She insists that her husband didn’t kill himself, and she points out that he called her ‘Susan’ in his suicide letter, even though he only ever referred to her as ‘Susie’ or ‘Honey.’

The gladiators don’t think Olivia will take on the case, but she proves them wrong.

They go to work.

Olivia learns from the head of Osborne’s security detail that Osborne had a gambling problem; he liked to bet on horses. Turns out the guy from the dry cleaning service was Osborne’s bookie.

Molly’s gone, too, and $100,000 deposited into her bank account. So Molly lied and Osborne wasn’t the mole, after all.

Abby (Darby Stanchfield) freaks out, realizing that David is still in danger. She races over to his apartment, and tells him that he needs to come back to the office immediately.

Olivia calls Cyrus from her apartment to tell him that Osborne wasn’t the mole, but Cyrus doesn’t seem to care one way or the other. Of course, Jake is watching the whole thing through his hidden cameras. Jake meets with the shady guy from last week’s episode, telling him that Olivia knows that Osborne isn’t the mole, but that he’ll ‘take care’ of the situation.

Olivia assigns Huck with the task of finding out the source of the money, and the rest of the team with finding out Molly’s location. David steps up, and offers to reach out to his contacts at Homeland Security to put Molly on a no-fly list in order to buy them time until they can reach her.

David, Abby, and Harrison confront a visibly distraught Molly. She explains that she didn’t lie to them in exchange for the money, but because the person who told her to lie threatened to kill her if she didn’t.

Abby denies having feelings for David, when he brings up the fact that she was worried about him earlier. She says she didn’t want him to die because she likes sleeping with him – that’s all. With a little prodding, Abby admits that she does have feelings for him. David is angry that, despite admitting to having feelings for him, Abby still won’t admit to stealing his Cytron card, thereby ending his career and ruining his life. He tells her that he can forgive a lot of things, but he can’t love someone he doesn’t trust.

Molly winds up dead. It’s been ruled as a hit-and-run, but she’s obviously been murdered.

Huck and Quinn

Quinn stays in the car as Huck goes out to the storage unit. He discovers an empty wooden crate inside, when suddenly a mysterious figure bashes him over the head.

Quinn is worried about Huck, and knows something must have gone wrong. She convinces Zeke, the manager of the storage place, to let her look around the storage place, but it’s way too big. She then convinces him to let her take a look at the security footage.

Quinn figures out that someone turned the security camera around, to hide whatever it is that they were doing in that hallway. She searches for Huck all over the third floor, and eventually finds him bound and gagged in the wooden crate from before.

Huck is traumatized, and sitting in the corner of the computer room, back at Pope & Associates.

Quinn shows Harrison, Abby, and David the footage from the security cameras. She points out a guy wearing a baseball cap, who enters empty-handed and leaves empty-handed – twenty minutes after Huck had entered the building.

Turns out the guy in the baseball cap is Charlie (George Newbern)! He’s getting off the phone with Cyrus.

Olivia and Jake

Olivia shows up at Jake’s place for dinner. He sneakily turns off her phone, and a while later, the two have sex.

After her sex session with Jake, Olivia wakes up and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. That’s when she uncovers Jake’s secret – that he’s been spying on her this whole time!

Jake walks in, saying it’s not what she thinks. Of course, Olivia doesn’t believe him and tries to run away. She falls down and Jake pins her to the ground, telling her that he’s been trying to protect her. Then he shows her footage of a masked man entering her apartment. Having hit her head, Olivia falls unconscious.

Fitz goes to visit Olivia in the hospital. Shortly before that, Jake tells Olivia that she has to pretend like there was a break-in at her apartment and that this is the first time she’s met Jake.

Fitz hugs Olivia, as Olivia looks on with fear.


What a crazy episode! Now we have to contend with the fact that Cyrus might be the mole, and that Jake might not be a bad guy after all? All in all, it was a pretty engaging episode. Quinn really shined. It’s funny how I went from thinking she was useless to thinking she’s a badass, because she really proved her amazing-ness in this episode.

Rating: A-

Memorable Quotes

Cyrus: It’s a very important interview.
Mellie: It’s not Oprah.

David: Gladiators in helmets, right?
Harrison: Suits.

Quinn: Bud Johnson? Really? He couldn’t do better than Bud Johnson for a fake name?

Zeke: Darling, I don’t need to do anything.
Quinn: Listen, Zeke. ‘Darling’ has a law degree from Stanford and the Chief of Police on speed dial. I sat outside here for an hour and watched three ladies enter with three gentlemen, each of whom departed with a spring in a step and probably two-hundred bucks poorer. So I suggest you go ahead and let ‘Darling’ take a look at the damn security cams.

[Quinn explains that someone turned the cameras around.]
Zeke: Damn, girl.
Quinn: It’s in the details, Zeke.

Check out the preview for the next episode, which airs in 3 weeks. (Can’t believe we have to wait that long!)

Scandal airs Thursdays on ABC at 10/9 central.