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Five Underrated Television Friendships of 2012-2013


These awesome friendships definitely deserve a lot more recognition. Without further ado and in no particular order (since they’re all equally fantastic and equally underrated)…

Jeff/Shirley (Community)

Though these two don’t get very many story lines together, when they do, it’s well worth it. Most of the friendships on Community are overshadowed by Troy/Abed, and Jeff’s interactions with the other women on the show tend to be muddled with romance. When Jeff and Shirley bonded over a shared (detrimental) interest in foosball, it spawned a new type of duo.

Later, they are shown going to the circus together, and when Jeff goes to insane lengths to understand the allure of a carnival worker, Shirley keeps him company and just barely manages to keep him on the right side of crazy. It shows a great growth in a relationship that began with their mutual interest in making fun of other people.


Meredith/Alex (Grey’s Anatomy)

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Meredith and Cristina’s relationship is definitely an integral part of the show but we think Meredith and Alex deserve a little credit, too. Their friendship came out of a place of necessity. Cristina had quit and the newer interns simply hadn’t bonded with the more veteran characters. So, Alex and Meredith ended up becoming closer.

The friendship works as well as it does because it puts Meredith in a mentor role to Alex. They’ve both had their dark moments on the show, but as the episode count grows, Meredith gets happier. Now she’s at a point where she can help Alex try to do the same. Sure, Alex had technically been her friend from the beginning, but he was never brought into the group like the other originals were – something that is rectified when their group of friends shrinks.

Rudy/Curtis (Misfits)

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The beginning of the latest season of Misfits saw an overhaul of almost all of the show’s main cast members, save for Curtis (the last of the Original Cast) and Rudy, who’d been introduced early in season 3. Perhaps that’s where their closeness grew from: a sense of familiarity because they were the last remaining ASBOers. It’s clear that a relationship that was originally pretty apathetic had grown into one with good-natured humor and camaraderie.

And though their friendship went through the usual ups and downs – with one storyline in particular showcasing their rivalry over a blind and attractive but racist woman – their relationship seemed to be held above all else as Rudy refused to sleep with someone who had insulted his friend. Indeed, of the entire crew, Rudy was the most broken up over Curtis’ untimely death near the end of the season, an event that deprived us all of an opportunity to see their relationship grow further.

James Van Der Beek/Luther (Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23)

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Chalk this up to a business relationship gone terribly wrong (or right, depending on how you look at it). Luther and JVDB could have had a pretty tame relationship, but when you get a man who thinks of himself as a god and the doting assistant all too eager to please him, it’s a great recipe for comedy. Luther will do pretty much anything for the Dawson’s Creek star, and it only serves to inflate the actor’s ego to never-before-thought-possible proportions.

Olivia/Huck (Scandal)

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The first season of Scandal didn’t focus too much on the familial aspect of Olivia’s firm – the self-professed “gladiators” of the public relations world. With a limited episode count, the writers chose to focus on Olivia and Stephen Finch’s friendship as the backbone of Olivia’s work environment. However, when Henry Ian Cusick didn’t return for season two, it allowed for Olivia and Huck’s relationship to come to the surface.

Through various flashbacks and present-day encounters, we began to get a sense of just how far back Olivia and Huck’s friendship went and how much they were willing to do for each other. We want to see this friendship develop even further and get a little more back-story on each of them.

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