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Iggy Azalea Been Work-Work-Working

iggy azalea

I’m not a huge fan of Iggy Azalea. She barely pinged on my radar before her little beef with Azealia Banks last year, and I’ve only heard maybe one or two songs from her mixtapes (and didn’t like any of them). Regardless, earlier today she released her debut single titled “Work”.

At first glance, it’s a typical “look how rich I am” song, but it’s different in that her approach is humbler – with her lyrics focusing on how hard she works to get that cash instead of the “everybody’s on my dick yeeaaahhhh” track that songs like this usually take.

I did like how it started out; her opening verse flowed surprisingly well. But once the beat changed and the “I been work work working on my shit” chorus kicked in, I was immediately turned off. The production is all over the place – sloppy in some areas and on-point in others – and I’m not sure what “image” she’s going for with her sound (Hard and tough? Sweet and cutesy? Whatever it is, I’m not sure it’s working for her).

It’s not an entirely terrible song, though. It might take a few more listens for me to warm up to it, but as of right now, I’m still interested to see what else she’s got in store on her debut studio album, The New Classic, which is scheduled to drop Summer 2013.

You can listen to Iggy Azalea’s “Work” below:

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