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Elementary 1×17 “Possibility Two” Recap

Possibility Two

A wealthy man believes his illness was given to him on purpose and Joan visits a suspicious dry cleaning service

Boring, convoluted stuff happens in this week’s episode of Elementary

The “case of the week” is one of the worst ones yet – a huge disappointment given last week’s episode involving Detective Bell (Jon Michael Hill). The only saving grace is Joan’s side-plot with a sketchy dry cleaning service.

The episode begins with Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) quizzing a nervous Joan (Lucy Liu) on her developing investigative and deducing abilities at a crime scene with two dead bodies. Though she ultimately gets it wrong, Sherlock compliments her on the effort and the improvements that she’s been making.

Afterward, they’re approached by a man named Mr. Lydon (Dennis Boutsikaris), who claims that someone purposely gave him dementia in order to murder him. He wants Sherlock to find out who is responsible, but Sherlock declines the offer thinking Mr. Lydon is being paranoid.

Crabtree (Steven Hauck), Mr. Lydon’s driver, is sent to bribe Sherlock with a rare, almost extinct bee. While Sherlock is tempted, he still refuses.

Later, Sherlock gets a call from Gregson in the middle of Joan’s singlestick lesson (which, by the way, she thinks is ridiculous). Lydon just shot his driver and he’s being arrested…

Sherlock is on the case, because apparently something about the driver’s untimely death made him rethink Lydon’s apparent paranoia. Oh, and he takes the bee with him.

He and Watson visit some geneticists asking them about the disease Lydon is afflicted with, called CAA. Later that evening, Holmes and Joan find Natasha, one of the geneticists he had met with, stabbed to death.

Meanwhile, Sherlock sends Joan to a suspicious dry cleaner. She’s annoyed that she’s been assigned dry cleaning duty at all, but quickly realizes that something is amiss. After some snooping and deducing on her own, she discovers that the dry cleaner is a front for criminal activity and (in a short scene towards the end of the episode) she and Bell arrest the perpetrators.

Holmes figures out that the DNA sample used to implicate one of Natasha’s testees was manufactured in a lab and that Natasha’s fiance – who had briefly mentioned he was also a geneticist the last time they interviewed him – was the one that manufactured it.

Natasha’s fiance confesses to murdering her after some wheedling by Captain Gregson (Aidan Quinn) and Detective Bell. His reasoning was that after a DNA test indicated that he was a sociopath, he believed Natasha started cheating on him with someone named Lincoln Dunwoody. So he stabbed her to death a bunch of times and pinned the crime on Sociopath #1.

However, he says he had nothing to do with inducing Mr. Lydon with CAA (the dementia), so Watson and Holmes are still on the hunt for that particular culprit. The name of Natasha’s ‘lover’ is the key: apparently ‘Lincoln’ and ‘Dunwoody’ are both surnames that correspond to family donation funds of some sort.

Yeah, the case of the week kind of lost us there.

Holmes goes on to make several other giant leaps of logic until finally he (somehow) figures out that Lydon was induced with the illness – and that Lydon wasn’t the only target. Within the last eight minutes of the episode, he is able to pinpoint the evildoer: a Mr. Watt, of Watt Helix, AKA the company that the now deceased Natasha used to work for.

Apparently Mr. Watt has a family history of CAA and became a geneticist to discover a cure, but he became ill before he could develop one. His solution was to induce the illness into various rich donor families, hoping one of them would freak out and donate tons and tons of money to his company so they could find a cure faster. That… obviously was not a very good plan, because now Mr. Watt’s going down for murder, and poor sweet Natasha the Whistleblower is dead because her crazy ass sociopath fiance decided she must be blowing men instead of, you know, blowing whistles.

Memorable Quotes

Gregson: So you’re saying your alibi is that you were home taking blackmail shots of one of your neighbors?
Sociopath #1: Well… yeah?

Rating: D+

Elementary airs Thursdays on CBS at 10/9 central.

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