‘Assassin’s Creed: Unity’ Drops Trailer for Free “Dead Kings” DLC

And here we have the first cinematic trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Unity DLC “Dead Kings” — you know, the DLC Ubisoft promised us for free to say “we’re so, so sorry about Unity. Really, so sorry.”

Follow Arno as he explores the city of Saint-Denis and its extensive, open world underground. Saint-Denis is an ancient necropolis with an intricate network of catacombs and deep caves that hide the best-kept secrets of the French kings.

Why does it feel like Assassin’s Creed‘s cinematic trailers turn out better than the games themselves? Like the one for Unity, my god. Sometimes I rewatch that just to bask in the pretty. Maybe Ubisoft should just make the leap and start churning out Assassin’s Creed movies every year instead.

“Dead Kings” will be available for download January 13 for Xbox One and PC, and on January 14 for Playstation 4 users.

New Trailers for ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Show Off English Voices

Final Fantasy: The Road Trip has graced us with English versions of two of their game trailers. I’m still working through my feelings about the voice acting. Currently I’m torn between “Noctis sounds like he’s gonna get on my nerves real fast” and “Cidney is definitely supposed to be a female Cid and she has a cute (if inexplicable) Southern accent I LOVE HER ALREADY BUT WHY IS SHE HALF NAKED.”

This fifteenth installment in the Final Fantasy franchise will be a diversion from previous titles, in that it’s open world, has modern elements tied in with the fantasy (so far we’ve seen skyscrapers, highways, and of course the bitchin’ car that will be taking the crew on their road trip), it’s an action-oriented RPG rather than turn-based, and you can only control one character, Noctis.

Following Lucis’ failed peace treaty with a warring nation, Noctis – who happens to be the Prince of Lucis – escapes the country with his boy band members buddies and embarks on the road trip of the ages to save his homeland.

You can watch (or re-watch) the Japanese versions of these trailers here and here. What are your thoughts on the English voices?

First Trailer For ‘Tales from the Borderlands’ Welcomes You Back To Pandora

Recently, Telltale Games released new information about their “coming soon” Game of Thrones game series and now today they have released the trailer to their five episode series Tales from the Borderlands.

Tales from the Borderlands was announced over a year ago during E3 and Pax Prime and now further details have been released. The game will take place after the events of in Borderlands 2 on the crazy world of Pandora. In regards to the story, Telltale Games has said:

“You’ll play as Rhys, a Hyperion ‘suit’ with dreams of being the next Handsome Jack, and Fiona, a Pandoran con artist looking to score her biggest ever swindle. Thrown together as unwilling partners in an adventure to recover cash they both think is theirs, their journey will take you on a wild ride where gangsters, bandit lords, and Vault Hunters are just some of the obstacles you’ll encounter, in this new take on the award-winning universe created by Gearbox Software.”

The first Borderlands didn’t have quite the memorable story-line. In fact, many say it doesn’t have one at all.  However Borderlands 2 has a more specific synopsis; it begins with new Vault Hunters (new set of playable characters) needing to restore peace to the planet of Pandora now that Handsome Jack has declared himself the Dictator.

It’s not certain whether or not knowledge of the previous games (including the Pre-sequel) will be needed before playing Tales from the Borderlands.

As for the trailer, the not-so-loveable villain Handsome Jack explains just where in the timeline of the Borderlands franchise Tales from the Borderlands begins, then leads into the “real” trailer featuring the two protagonists Rhys and Fiona who seem to be working together to recover money that has been “stolen” from them. Explosions, robots, fist fights, guns and a quick glimpse of Handsome Jack are all featured and the editing is quite similar to movie trailers.

They have also released information on voice actors for Rhys, Fiona, and other characters with “much to be revealed.”

As of right now, you can save 10% if you pre-order the game now on Steam. Tales from the Borderlands will be playable on Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC/Mac. It will also be available for Android devices sometime before the end of this year.

Unlike for the Game of Thrones game series, Telltale didn’t mention anything about Tales from the Borderlands “coming soon” — which means the release date is still up in the air. But considering it’s available to pre-order and actually has a trailer depicting gameplay and storyline (unlike the Game of Throne series), it’ll probably be released sooner than later.

Spoileriffic ‘Far Cry 4’ 101 Trailer Gives Us The 4-1-1 On Kyrat

I’m not kidding when I say this thing is full of spoilers. Narrated by an exuberant radio talk show host who somehow seems to know everything about everything, this whopping eight minute trailer for Far Cry 4 starts off with, “Kyrat’s got so much stuff to see, terrains to explore, people to meet, animals to hunt, wrongs to right, and trippy sacred realms to explore.” It then goes on to describe all of that, in massive detail, including a few major characters and plot points that would’ve probably better served as surprises.

For someone who isn’t too picky over spoilers, though, this trailer is a good way to stave off the anticipation until Far Cry 4 is released next week. There are some awesome moments with Pagan Min and cohorts (the delivery on “You have been a naughty little shit, haven’t you?” further cemented my undying Pagan Min love) as well as some introductions to potential allies. There’s also a section on weaponry (“switch it up to keep ’em guessing on how they’ll die!”), vehicles, skills and crafting (just like in Far Cry 3, apparently stabbing an animal once and tossing a perfectly shaped hunk of meat into your pack is all it takes to skin it), quests types, and more.

Far Cry 4 drops November 18 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and PC.

Details Released for ‘Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series’

In December of 2013, TellTale Games uploaded an announcement trailer for Game of Thrones: A TellTale Game Series. The trailer itself (above) doesn’t reveal much of anything related to gameplay, narrative, graphics or storylines for the upcoming game. It does feature music from the HBO hit show (as HBO and TellTale created a partnership for the creation of this game) and teases about a “new chapter beginning in Westeros” sometime in 2014.

Clearly, we’re in the final stretch of 2014 and TellTale has finally posted some prominent information about the game on this early November 11th morning.

The game series starts towards the end of Season 3 and ends near the beginning of Season 5 of the Game of Thrones TV show. Popular locations from the series, The Wall and King’s Landing to name a couple, can and will be key locations while playing. House Forrester, a familiar name in George R. R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons but not yet included in the television series, will also be a big component of the game.

Characters you play will all be from House Forrester and spread out all over Westeros. House Forrester is located in the north by Wolfswood, seated on Ironrath, and have shown great loyalty to House Stark.

Your objective is to the save the house from destruction. Your actions have consequences which are magnified by the five characters you can play as. Telltale states,

“Playing as five characters not only reflects the epic scope of Game of Thrones, but is also something that the player needs to be mindful of. This is because the actions of one character can ripple out to affect the rest of House Forrester. Multiply the actions of one character by five, and you’re truly playing the Game of Thrones…where you win, or you die.”

TellTale Games director J Stauffer also teased about the release of more information:

Perhaps we’ll get an updated release date? Fingers crossed.

For now, what we do know is the Game of Thrones series will be available to download “soon” on PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, iOS and more.

As a lover of all things Game of Thrones, I’m excited to see what direction TellTale Games plans to take with this series. They have done amazing things with the beloved The Walking Dead game series and their newer project, The Wolf Among Us. They also have a trailer for the new Tales from the Borderlands series they are working on. In similar style, I expect the Game of Thrones game series to be episode-based and released with a gap between each chapter. But no such details have been stated thus far.

‘Sunset Overdrive’ Launch Trailer: “The Awesomepocalypse Is Here”

“Together we’ll take FizzCo down! …Or, we won’t, but we’ll get some wicked respawn animations!”

“Before this whole thing started I just floated through life. I know this is gonna crazy, but my life didn’t start until the world came to an end.” Thus begins the official gameplay launch trailer for Insomniac Games’ colorful, fourth wall breaking, open-world traversal shooter, Sunset Overdrive, which boasts “hordes of increasingly difficult enemies, badass hero customization, mutually beneficial faction alliances, and insane insomniacs weaponry.” Story goes like this: people drink tainted energy drink, people mutate into giant horrifying looking monsters, you (the hero!) get to explode them all into pieces. It’s almost enough to get me to swear off energy drinks entirely. Almost.

As someone who typically spends 30 minutes adjusting the left eyebrow alone in character customization menus, one of the big draws for me with Sunset Overdrive is the sheer number of customization options. You’re reportedly able to create whoever you want in terms of body shape, skin tone, gender-neutral style options, etc., for a truly unique player experience. Plus, you know, blowing up scores of mutants with cartoon-y violence. Teddy bear grenade launcher? Come to mama.

Sunset Overdrive comes out October 28 as an Xbox One exclusive. My Xbox-less existence mourns this greatly.

Far Cry 4 Meets Childish Gambino’s ‘Crawl’ in New Gameplay Trailer

Maybe I’m easily manipulated, but put a good song in a trailer and I’m 60% more likely to want whatever it is the trailer is promoting. Far Cry 4‘s latest gameplay trailer takes advantage of this by pairing gorgeous, violent game footage with Childish Gambino’s “Crawl,” off his 2013 album Because the Internet.

Hidden in the towering Himalayas lies Kyrat, a country steeped in tradition and violence. You are Ajay Ghale. Traveling to Kyrat to fulfill your mother’s dying wish, you find yourself caught up in a civil war to overthrow the oppressive regime of dictator Pagan Min. Explore and navigate this vast open world, where danger and unpredictability lurk around every corner. Here, every decision counts, and every second is a story. Welcome to Kyrat.

There are scores of cool moments to dissect in this, but by far my favorite is two minutes in, where player character Ajay Ghale climbs onto a moving airplane, grabs a briefcase, jumps out, then blows up the plane while parachuting to safety. Bad. Ass. Also, the “booooty” line combined with those majestic elephants made me cackle out loud. Whoever came up with the idea for that deserves a lot of applause.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video game trailer with a minute long, dramatically shot intro by a rapper before, but now I have. Childish Gambino AKA writer/actor/comedian Donald Glover, describes his song as “amazing but also terrifying… I feel like life is fucked up, so why wouldn’t it be fucked up?” Here’s hoping when Far Cry 4 releases it’ll fit that description as well.

Far Cry 4 comes to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC on November 18, 2014.

Video Game Trailer Round-Up: Assassin’s Creed, The Evil Within, Grave, and More

Check out these new trailers for some of gaming’s most anticipated releases!

Fight For Your Life in The Evil Within

Get a closer look at all the awesome things that can kill you in The Evil Within! Traps, monsters, an apparently unkillable creature called the Keeper – Krimson City is infested with these things, all aiming to slaughter poor detective Sebastian Castellanos in as gory a way as possible. Seriously, this trailer is practically soaked in blood and viscera. I kinda feel like I need a bath after watching this.

At least Sebastian gets a plethora of weapons to defend himself with like the agony crossbow, which you can load up with bolts crafted out of traps. The Evil Within drops October 14 for PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Alien: Isolation Launch Trailer

Reviews have been pouring out for Alien: Isolation since its release yesterday, and for the most part they’re pretty good. We got a chance to look at the game for our coverage of GameStop Expo last month, and what we saw of it (when we weren’t too busy gawping at the gigantic alien egg pod) looked great. To celebrate the release, Alien: Isolation has a shiny new launch trailer that goes more in depth with Amanda Ripley’s plight.

Cinematic Story Trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Featuring inexplicable British accents in 18th-century France (okay, so they explained that here but I’m still not buying it), Unity now has a story trailer that introduces a few of the characters you’ll meet in the game.

Here’s the official game description: “In Assassin’s Creed Unity the French Revolution is in full swing and the city and its people are embroiled in chaos. As the people of Paris find themselves wrapped up in an epic, bloody struggle, Arno will have to navigate shifting alliances, betrayal, and conspiracies to steer the revolution and uncover the truth.”

There Are Giant Burning Wicker Men in Grave’s Latest Trailer

With the help of eerily empty desert landscapes, ghoulish creatures, and a mildly terrifying song crooning about murder, this new trailer for Broken Window Studios’ first person open-world survival horror game Grave is pretty darn creepy. Successfully funded through Kickstarter, the game features, among other things, a dedicated day/night cycle, dynamically changing world, and a variety of light-based weapons to defend against the monsters that come crawling out in the dark.

A playable demo for Grave is currently available at their official website, with a full release of the game expected early 2015 for Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Salvation Lies At The End of The River In The Flame In The Flood

Speaking of Kickstarter funded video games, there’s one currently going for The Flame In The Flood, a survival game from “the Art Director of BioShock and a team of veterans of the BioShock, Halo, Guitar Hero and Rock Band series.” You play as Scout, a seasoned survivalist wandering the lands with her faithful dog Aesop, as she tries to make it to the end of the river where “salvation” waits.

The art style of this looks cute as heck, the music – an original song by Chuck Ragan, also titled “The Flame In The Flood” – is a perfect fit for the trailer, and the game’s permadeath function adds another layer of interest to the game. As of the writing of this article, they’ve already made over $60,000 on Kickstarter with 29 days left to go.

The Flame In The Flood is set for release in 2015 for PC and Mac.

What upcoming games are YOU excited for? Tell me all about them in the comments!

Check Out This Brutal Teaser for PAYDAY 2’s Hotline Miami DLC

I never quite got into the PAYDAY series because I’m allergic to co-op (much as I love heists), but I’ve had an intense, burning, bottomless passion for Hotline Miami for awhile. Looks like I’m not the only one, because Overkill Software, the developers of Payday 2, have teamed up with Dennaton Games for a special Hotline Miami-themed DLC, to be released at the end of the month. Why? “Because we at OVERKILL fucking love Hotline Miami.

The teaser trailer is absolutely brutal. An unknown man is being tortured for information, but is oddly unconcerned about that fact… at least until Hotline Miami‘s Jacket appears in the doorway dressed in his now iconic letterman jacket, rubber rooster mask, and carrying a baseball bat. (If you interpret the tap-tap-tap of the bat on the walls as Jacket makes his way down the hallway as an Inglourious Basterds reference, by the way, it makes the trailer even awesomer.)

The DLC will for sure have a heist mission, and more details will be released the closer we get to the September 30 release date. To top it off, in celebration for the upcoming DLC, people who already have a copy of PAYDAY 2 on Steam should have a coupon for 50% off Hotline Miami in their inventories (and vice versa for those who own Hotline Miami). Yay coupons!

Still no word on Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number‘s release date, though, beyond “later this year.” Shucks.

Will you be getting the Hotline Miami DLC? Are you pissed because you wanted a PAYDAY 3 instead of another DLC crossover? Are you as excited as I am for Hotline Miami 2? Drop a line in the comments and let us know what you’re thinking!