Four Favorite Video Game Villains (of the Past Decade)

Far Cry 4 comes out tomorrow, November 18th, and reasons 1-10 for me wanting to get it have to do with the game’s main antagonist, Pagan Min.

He’s everything I love in a villain: sarcastic, witty, highly quotable, casually violent, awesome fashion sense, and, from what I can tell, an unrepentant bad guy with very little of that redemption backstory people are so fond of these days.

I can already tell he’s going to be a favorite, which naturally got me thinking about what other video game villains I love to hate to love (I’m only considering ones from the past ten years, otherwise we’d be here all damn day.)

You’ll probably notice going through this list that I have a Type when it comes to bad guys. I admit this, I embrace it, I am unabashed. Give me tons more of these types of villains and I will be a happy, happy gamer.

In no particular order:

Vaas Montenegro, Far Cry 3

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Shoot Satan In the Face In “Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell”

Saints Row IV continues to deliver on the balls-to-the-wall ridiculousness with its recently announced stand-alone expansion pack, Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell. After a mishap with a Ouija board, the President ends up sucked into a portal to Hell, and Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington are forced to go a’tumbling after their boss to mount a rescue operation. The game is priced at $19.95 and will feature two player co-op taking the role of either Gat or Kinzie.

The trailer features a stereotypically red filtered underworld complete with strip clubs, heavy metal, and demonic creatures, Satan wanting to marry his daughter off to the Boss for some godforsaken reason, weapons based on the Seven Deadly Sins, and a comfy armchair outfitted with machine guns. Hell… kinda looks awesome, to be honest.

But wait – there’s more! Saints Row IV is also getting ported to Xbox One and Playstation 4 for the low, low price of $29.99, or you can get it packaged with Gat Out of Hell for $49.99.

Both the SRIV ports and “Gat Out of Hell” are scheduled for release January 27, 2015. 

Saints Row IV DLC: “Enter the Dominatrix”

With a title like that, this shit’s gotta be good.

Enter the Dominatrix might sound like the name of a porny spoof of Enter the Matrix (à la Lord of the Cock Rings, Pulp Friction, Grand Theft Orgy, Hairy Twatter, etc etc – don’t ask me why I know so many of these), but players of the pun-heavy Saints Row IV will be unsurprised to find that it’s actually the title of the game’s first DLC. They will be equally unsurprised to discover that some of the new missions involve velociraptors, and men in fetish suits and bondage gear miming jacking off on you.

Ridiculousness has been the name of the game for this alien-infested installment of Saints Row, but this is a whole ‘nother level of WTF. And I love it. Take my money, Volition.

Enter the Dominatrix was released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC earlier today. Catch a glimpse of the action you’ll be getting in this DLC trailer.