Russell T. Davies Is Back: ‘Cucumber, Banana, Tofu’ Trailer

Russell T. Davies is more than beloved by the general fandom populace — first he brought Queer As Folk, a funny and honest portrayal of LGBT life in the U.K. in the ’90s, then he revitalised Doctor Who, a staple of British sci-fi television that has become a global hit.

Now, he’s unveiled his latest project with Channel 4 — a series of new and exploratory comedy-dramas dealing with modern relationships, with a stronger focus on LGBT issues. Cucumber will primarily deal with an older gay couple, and their friends, and will air on Channel 4; Banana will deal with a younger generation and will air on the youth-aimed E4 channel; while finally Tofu is a factual sex-based webisode series, to air on 4OD, that aims to tackle and discuss issues surrounding sex, gender, sexuality and love.

Sounds pretty impressive, right? Cucumber, Banana, Tofu will start airing next year, in January 2015. For now, check out the cheeky trailer Channel 4 has just released, and get ready to record…