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Shameless 3×08 “Where There’s A Will” Recap

Shameless 3×08 “Where There’s A Will” Recapfeatured

The Cousin Patrick Problem In last week’s episode, the family discovered that Frank’s cousin Patrick filed Aunt Ginger’s will, stating that she was leaving the house where the Gallagher clan reside to Patrick instead of Fiona. In this episode, Fiona and the family struggle with keeping their house. Meanwhile, Jimmy shows his utter incompetence at Read more

Southland 5×03 “Babel” Recap

Southland 5×03 “Babel” Recapfeatured

“Sometimes things get lost in translation.” John gets a new partner, Lydia struggles to cope without her mother, and Sammy and Ben become involved in a showdown with an armed madman. All the while, the cops have to deal with a breakdown in the LAPD dispatch system, making communication difficult. Sammy and Ben Despite the Read more

Scandal 2×15 “Boom Goes the Dynamite” Recap

Scandal 2×15 “Boom Goes the Dynamite” Recapfeatured

“You have nothing.” PREVIOUSLY ON SCANDAL… Olivia and Fitz are still on bad terms, after Fitz found out that Olivia was involved in presidential election rigging… but that doesn’t stop either of them from bumpin’ uglies in a dark closet during a baby’s christening. David Rosen, who has since lost his job and is forced Read more

Elementary 1×17 “Possibility Two” Recap

Elementary 1×17 “Possibility Two” Recapfeatured

A wealthy man believes his illness was given to him on purpose and Joan visits a suspicious dry cleaning service Boring, convoluted stuff happens in this week’s episode of Elementary… The “case of the week” is one of the worst ones yet – a huge disappointment given last week’s episode involving Detective Bell (Jon Michael Read more

Elementary 1×16 “Details” Recap

Elementary 1×16 “Details” Recapfeatured

Detective Bell is attacked and Sherlock encourages Joan to learn self-defense Air Date: 14 February 2013 “Details” opens with Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) entering her and Sherlock Holmes’ (Jonny Lee Miller) shared living space when suddenly an intruder creeps up on her in the darkness. We watch with bated breath as Joan struggles to find Read more