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‘Jessica Jones’ Season 1 Episode 3 Recap: “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”

jessica jones it's called whiskey

Upon the reveal of their secrets (Luke is invulnerable, Jessica has super-strength), the two immediately bone down, in a sex scene that is much more passionate and intimate than their first encounter.

After the first time they’d had sex, Jessica had stumbled out onto the streets alone and nauseated. This time, Jessica and Luke have a post-coital date where they flirtatiously talk about the details of their powers to each other.

Then they return to Luke’s apartment, where they literally break his bed.

In an effort to procure surgical anesthesia, Jessica visits Hogarth’s estranged wife, Wendy. When that doesn’t work, Jessica comes upon her druggie neighbor Malcolm almost unconscious in the elevator. She takes him to the hospital, and shoves him into a cluster of people, and yells for the security guard, using him as a distraction to sneak into where the medicines are stored and steal the anesthetic.

In an effort to change public perception and lay the groundwork for Hope’s defense, Hope has an interview with Trish, on her radio show.

Hope talks about what it was like being controlled by Kilgrave. When Hogarth makes it clear, she doesn’t believe Hope, Trish goes to bat for Hope. “Yes, I believe he’s out there. This sick, perverted man,” she says, on air during her popular radio talkshow. “He is preying on the helpless so he can feel powerful, probably terrified of his own weakness, which suggests impotence.”

Kilgrave calls in and then sends a cop to Trish’s apartment. Simpson, the cop, manages to get Trish to open her front door and tries to kill her.

Trish puts up a hell of a fight, demonstrating her Krav Maga training, but Simpson gets the upper hand and is strangling her when Jessica shows up.

She fights Simpson and then, by drugging Trish with the anesthetic she stole, fools Simpson into thinking he completed his mission from Kilgrave.

She follows Simpson back to the penthouse Kilgrave is staying at but he escapes. Jessica discovers a room in the apartment wallpapered with photos of her. Candids – which means that someone has been following her and taking photos without her knowing.

While Jessica is at the penthouse, she remembers a woman she killed for Kilgrave – Luke’s wife. Killing this innocent woman woke Jessica up enough that she wanders away from Kilgrave in horror, despite him calling for her. Considering the ease with which people commit violence under Kilgrave’s control, the fact that Jessica’s horror at what she’d done was so great that she was able to walk away from him while he calls for her to return is an excellent illustration of Jessica’s strength of character and her innate core of goodness (however hard she tries to pretend that isn’t true).