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‘Supergirl’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: “Hostile Takeover”

supergirl hostile takeover

Secrets were revealed and battles were fought in the winter finale of Supergirl.

The episode picks up where last week left off – Kara facing her aunt Astra (Laura Benanti) who is trying to recruit Kara to her side. As the last remaining member of her family, it is hard for Kara to face off against her aunt who bears the face of her mother since they are twins.

A flashback reveals how much Astra loved her young niece – saying she couldn’t love a child more if she was hers. With Astra on the run for what Kara’s mother, Alura, perceives as crimes against Krypton, it is only a call from Kara that brings her back. This is also how Kara’s mother captures her.

All of this information and Astra telling Kara her mother was a murderer weighs upon Kara and puts doubts in her mind about her mother.

In the second face-off against Astra, Kara bests her and takes her to the DEO. And the audience wonders, did Astra let herself get caught or did Alex’s sparring lessons really help Kara that much? It is during Astra’s incarceration at the DEO that she plants small seeds of doubt about Kara’s mother. Meanwhile, Alex and Hank wonder why no one is going to save Astra.

In the “B” story, Cat Grant has been hacked and various embarrassing emails have been released to the world. Kara, James and Winn are on the case trying to find out who hacked her. Through Winn’s computer prowess and Kara’s super-hearing, they find out a member of the board is trying to sabotage Cat.

Through their investigation, Kara also finds out one of Cat’s deep secrets – that she has an older son named Adam Foster. She almost steps down from CatCo to protect him, but in the end Cat doesn’t have to as Winn, Kara and James find the information to take down the board member.

Turnabout is fair play about secrets and Cat turns the tables on Kara. She starts outlining all the strange coincidences between Kara and Supergirl until she asks Kara to take off her glasses. When Kara does take her glasses off, Cat says, “Hello, Supergirl.”

Kara doesn’t have time to deal with that bombshell as Lord Industries is under attack by the underlings following General Astra. Hank and Alex race to Lord Industries after deducing what they are up to and call Supergirl to meet them.

After a few moments of carnage and death, Supergirl arrives and faces off against her uncle, Nod. As the two prepare to fight, the screen darkens, closing the curtain on the first half of the season.