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‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 10 Recap: “Quantico”

quantico simon asher

Quantico unveiled some huge secrets and drew lines in the sand in this week’s installment.

Everyone is shocked to see Alex and the plan she and Liam have hatched to ferret out the real bombers. Solid in their belief in Alex, and finding the real bombers, everyone jumps in to help.

Flashback: Back at Quantico, the recruits are asked to vet the next batch of recruits just as was done to them prior to their arrival. This opens up plenty of questions for the current recruits – in fact it turns some against each other.

Questions are answered about Vasquez, Booth, Shelby and Asher.

  • Vasquez: The scar near her ear is a fake. She faked a near mortal injury to get her ex-boyfriend arrested and gain custody of her daughter.
  • Booth: He finally reveals to everyone he is really an agent undercover.
  • Shelby: She finds out Caleb has been checking into her story about her half-sister. As Caleb believes her story, he checks into this half-sister and proves to Shelby the woman has been cat-fishing her and scamming her out of money.
  • Asher: He reveals he was involved with some terrorist groups but didn’t commit any crimes in their names and continues to believe parts of what he did were in the right.

In the end, Asher is the one who is booted out of Quantico by Miranda for his inability to control himself.

This reveal about Asher comes back to life during the bombing investigation as he reveals it was his plans the bombers stole. He intended to make bomb threats, but was never really going to set off the bombs. However, his designs were stolen and used for the huge bombing at the train station.

Alex is also abandoned, in the end, but all of her friends when they find out she and Miranda have been spying on them – though at the start they were told they weren’t suspects.

Alone and facing a sentencing hearing in under 24 hours, Alex turns to Asher for help.