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‘iZombie’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap: ‘Cape Town’

izombie cape town

Murder of the week: a woman is chased by two goons through a dark alley. They are interrupted by a man dressed like a superhero, who calls himself “The Fog.” He prevents the woman from being mugged and the next scene is his body being found by a garbage man.

Liv and Major are fighting about Liv breaking into his phone and what she found there. Ravi pokes his head in to interrupt “round 3,008” because of a body. Honestly, he should have dragged Liv down to the morgue for some new brains at round two.

Liv consumes the wannabe superhero brains on a hero sandwich and I’m going to mention right here what an excellent job iZombie does taking on the superhero genre for a week. Watching this, I could tell that (like me) the writers, camera crew, and music directors had seen ALL the superhero properties. The shots with the camera angled upwards, the music choices, having Liv be there one minute and then vanishing when Clive turns away are perfect superhero beats. There are a couple scenes that could have been dropped right into Arrow and fit perfectly, (FYI, that is not a dig at Arrow.) Also, Rose McIver looked fantastic in her superheroine costume.

Ravi, obviously, is having the time of his life with this turn of events; being the ever faithful sidekick, even trying to think up Liv’s superhero name.

It turns out that the woman who was almost mugged in the opening was Mary Contreras, who robbed a high-stakes poker game hosted by Mr. Boss.

Liv, guided by a flash of memory from the wannabe superhero, (and unaware that Mary Contreras is not a random victim) goes to Mr. Boss’s warehouse, trying to stop a shipment of guns. There is an fantastic scene of her sneaking into the warehouse on the underside of a truck and then fighting a group of thugs with improvised weaponry and items from her utility belt (confiscated from The Fog).

Liv rescues Mary and is almost shot by her before Mr. Boss arrives, shoots Mary, cleans his warehouse of evidence of illegal activity, and calls 911.

Liv going off on her own (and her unrepentance) prompts Clive to terminate their partnership.

Meanwhile, Major is on to the next zombie on the list. He walks into her house – Christmas decorations hung, Christmas music playing – to find that she’s about to shoot herself.

She was a call girl who was turned into a zombie and forced to service other zombies for brains. Her and Major’s conversation about how he was forced to hunt zombies (they call him “The Boogeyman”, which is a better handle than Ravi managed to think up for Liv) was very sweet. I also loved how sex-worker-positive their conversation was. Zombie call girl (they don’t give her name) clearly speaks about the difference between doing sex work on her own terms and being forced into it by necessity. She also gives Major further insight into how awful it is to experience the personality shifts that come from eating brains.

Unwilling to stand by while she kills herself, Major convinces Call Girl Zombie to let him drug and freeze her, promising that if there is no cure, she won’t wake up.

“How badly could you want to die if you spent an hour untangling Christmas lights?”

Major then goes to Liv’s apartment to decorate and make spiced apple cider. He is ready to reconnect with her but she comes home and breaks up with him.

Last recap, I discussed some of the reasons why Liv and Major might break up, not even mentioning Liv’s team-up with Blaine, and her work to prevent the Meat Cute case from being solved. Given all that, I was disappointed that ‘Liv is a zombie and a different person now who can’t have sex’ is the reason the writers choose to break them up. It’s the least interesting option to pick and given that it leaves several secrets untold, it makes me suspicious that the writers are going to endlessly rejoin and then break up Liv and Major.

Things to remember when the show returns in 2016:

Mr. Boss’s lieutenant, Drake, has information about the tainted utopium that caused zombi-ism. Liv turned Drake to keep him alive long enough to share that information with Ravi, so he can try to create another cure. Also, it looks like the cure is not permanent, which I find a much less interesting storytelling choice than, say, immunity and zombie-sensing abilities, and could end up being a way to get Major and Liv temporarily back together if the writers are committed to yo-yo-ing that relationship around.