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‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: “Over”

quantico over

There were plenty of twists, turns, and reveals in this week’s episode of Quantico.

At Quantico, the recruits are given individual assignments they discovered are linked. This was Miranda’s test for them to look at the bigger picture. Also, Caleb is unsure he trusts Shelby and reports to the FBI about her sending large amounts of money to Saudi Arabia. Miranda comes in and backs up her recruit as Shelby reveals she was sending money to her half-sister that her father abandoned.

Also, Simon struggles with his split feelings for Nimah and Raina as the twins also wrestle with their separate identities.

Alex learns about the big cover-up Liam and her father were involved in.

In the present, a huge file dump of FBI files gives Alex and Booth a lead to who actually set the bomb. Also, Alex had to figure out how to extract the bullet in Booth’s side.

Caleb is still dealing with his father and Shelby’s relationship. He isn’t happy when his father, Deputy Director Clayton, asks him to scrub his phone as well as Shelby’s to hide their relationship. Caleb, however, gets a shock when he sees an email from Shelby to his father stating she is still in love with Caleb.

Through the file dump, Alex, Booth and her conspiracy hackers are surprised to learn there is another bomb set to go off in New York. Alex struggles with the dilemma of taking the offer of being spirited out of the country or find some way to let the FBI know about the bomb.

Alex, Booth and those assisting her get to the plane and Alex gets Booth on the flight but doesn’t go herself. Booth is shocked when she drives away.

As the episode closes, we see in the past Alex finding a bleeding Miranda in her home as she whispers the name of her son Charlie. Also, Simon Asher calls someone in the Middle East and says he came back to help but doesn’t think he can. Is Asher involved in the bombing?

The episode closes with Alex surrendering to the FBI and informing them there is another bomb in New York.