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‘Quantico’ Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: “God”

quantico priyanka chopra

Surveillance was the lesson of the week at Quantico and it played into Alex’s investigation in the present.

At Quantico, the recruits learn the governmental investigation services like the secret service, FBI and CIA used a computer algorithm that lets them spy on almost anyone’s online activity. Miranda creates an assignment for the group to spy on her for a day, but in reality she is really using the recruits to monitor her son, who just got out of juvenile detention.

These practices turn on Liam and Booth when Booth and Alex are at Miranda’s house on a stake-out for their assignment. Liam is at Miranda’s house checking on her son and when Liam finds Booth outside the house, he confronts him. Booth tries to get Liam to stop his accusations but he doesn’t and reveals all their secrets about monitoring Alex, while Alex hears it all.

The idea of spying on online activity and secrets plays into the present. Alex is shocked to learn Caleb is running the operation to scrub all social media and data mining sites to find any sign of Alex. She gets Simon to get her access to what Caleb is looking at and becomes intrigued when Caleb deletes a video file with him in it. Believing Caleb might have had something to do with the bombing, Alex gets Simon to get Caleb away from his computer so Alex and get control of his computer.

When Caleb retrieves the video file, she is shocked to see Caleb arguing with his FBI father ,who is also in charge of the operation to find Alex. When Alex shows Shelby, that’s when Shelby confesses Caleb and his father are arguing over the woman his father is having an affair with, which is Shelby.

Other revelations include: Vasquez getting suspicious of Booth and telling Liam she believes Booth is working with Alex. Also, Simon reveals to Raina that he is not gay and they end up having a romantic encounter. At the end of the episode, when Simon goes to see Nimah/Raina, he is shocked to see two of her. After a struggle, Simon hits his head and then one of the Nimah’s locks him in the bathroom.

The final scene is Alex shocked to see Caleb looking at video footage of days before the bombing and seeing the Amin twins.