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‘Jane Got A Gun’ Trailer: Natalie Portman Goes West

jane got a gun trailer

Calling all Western fans! There’s finally a gritty film on 2016’s film release schedule that might actually turn some heads.

Jane Got a Gun features Natalie Portman as leading lady Jane, a woman who is trying to save her outlaw husband from a gang that is out to kill him. The story revolves around Jane and her outlaw husband Bill Hammond (Noah Emmerich), who have built a new life together with their daughter.

Unfortunately for Jane, her husband comes home one day after being in a duel with the Bishop Boys gang leader Colin (Ewan McGregor). He has been completely shot and is hanging on for dear life.

Now, with the gang closing in on them, Jane must try to protect her family by turning to the last person she wants to see — her ex-fiance Dan Frost (Joel Egerton). Mix a bit of suspense with violence, blood, and memories of the past and you’ve got yourself a must-see gritty Western.

Although the trailer does not reveal much, it does give us one clue: this film is bound to be filled with action thanks to a badass leading lady.

Directed by Gavin O’Connor, Jane Got a Gun is set to be released February of 2016.