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‘Blood & Oil’ Season 1 Episode 2 Recap: “The Ripple Effect”

blood and oil ripple effect

The result of the scuffle at the oil rig was revealed in the second episode of Blood & Oil. As Billy (Chace Crawford) fights with one of the men trying to steal the oil truck, an ember lands on the oil on the ground and starts a fire. Hap and then the other two men catch fire.

The masked man of course is Hap’s (Don Johnson) son Wick (Scott Michael Foster), who wanted to get back at his father by stealing the oil truck. His shoulder catches fire and he tries to put it out as he heads to the oil truck and drives off. Hap helps Billy snuff out the fire on him and the two assess the damage before the police arrive.

Wick meets up with Jules (India de Beaufort) and he tells her he was hanging out with friends. He tries desperately to hide the burn on his shoulder.

Hap’s near death experience brings his prodigal daughter, Lacey (Miranda Rae Mayo), home from California and it is revealed there is no love lost between Lacey and Hap’s wife Darla (Amber Valletta). Wick rushes to his father’s house after feigning shock when Jules tells him she just heard what happened to Hap.

Hap is heartened by Wick’s supposed concern, even telling Darla he has crossed Wick’s name off the list of possible suspects. Darla seems not to be so convinced.

Cody (Rebecca Rittenhouse) is not enjoying the roughneck behavior of the men at the place they are staying. She contacts Jules about helping her find a house since she and Billy are so flush with cash. When Jules finds a perfect house, at half the price, Cody tries to call Billy who is having a business meeting with Hap.

Just as Cody decides to pull the trigger on the house, Billy is committing a lot of money to Hap to join him in a business venture. When Cody tells Billy about the house, he tells her about his deal with Hap. Billy and Cody convene at Hap’s house for a family dinner. Wick, who has brought Jules, is surprised to see Billy there with his wife lamenting he thought it was just family. Hap says he just closed a deal with Billy so they are like family.

At dinner, Billy tells Hap he is going to have to pass on the business deal, sealing the deal that they will buy the house Cody wants.

Wick is also dealing with a possible buyer of the oil truck deciding to turn him and his partner in for the reward money. As he is talking to his partner, Hap comes upon him, touching Wick’s shoulder that was burnt. Wick jumps and makes Hap suspicious.

Just as Hap’s suspicions grow, the sheriff arrives stating he found the man dead. Later, Wick confronts his partner and is distraught to learn his partner killed the man who was going to turn them in, and framed him.

Preparing to move, Billy is shocked to see the man he bought the easement from show up at his door. The man is enraged at Billy because he sold the rights to him and upset he got into a deal with Hap.

The episode closes with Hap confronting Jules about dating his son. He accuses her of not caring for Wick and then kisses her, revealing they had a romantic past.