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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 8 Recap: “Ouroboros”

teen wolf ouroboros

In this week’s episode of Teen Wolf, Scott and friends frantically search for Liam and Hayden. He’s so driven in his mission that Scott sticks his claws into Corey to try and see where Corey has been and if that might be where Liam and Hayden are. Scott sees an old chemical plant and believes that is where they are.

Meanwhile, Scott’s mom Melissa calls Sheriff Stilinski to her house to address the dead girl with a sword through her on her kitchen table. Melissa pleads with Sheriff Stilinski to leave his badge out of the situation, but after seeing the girl, he calls the incident into the station.

Realizing the sword looks like Kira’s, Sheriff Stilinski arranges for Kira to be picked up and taken to the station. Kira’s father tries to say the sword is his, forcing Sheriff Stilinski to reluctantly let her go even though he knows something is up with her.

Kira also knows something is up and is frustrated that she can’t finish the Dread Doctors’ book. Her mother suggests she read it backwards and that’s when it is revealed she has being manipulated by the Dread Doctors to kill the subjects they deem a failure. That’s when Kira realizes something must be done.

As Sheriff Stilinski goes to great lengths to protect the body found in Melissa’s house, it is to no avail. Even in the hospital, it is stolen. The audience knows it is Parrish and soon others will as well.

Theo continues to ingratiate himself into Scott’s pack. He’s the one that actually finds Liam and Hayden and absorbs the electricity off the fence to rescue them. Everyone hugs Theo and Scott is shocked and a bit inviting with the hug he also receives from Theo.

Scott is devastated when Kira tells him she has to leave, because she fears she will hurt more people. Kira’s departure is the first big crack in the dissolution of Scott’s pack.

The episode is bookended with Deaton, who opens the show finding the lair of the Dread Doctors and finds the remnants of their horrid experiments. It ends with Deaton being tortured by the Desert Wolf a.k.a. Malia’s mom. Deaton is shocked when she tells him that if her daughter Malia is still alive, she will just have to kill her again.