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Cast of ‘Sense8’ Celebrates As Netflix Renews For Season 2

sense8 renewal

There’s a lot of excitement among Netflix fans as the Internet streaming giant announced that Sense8, the hit sci-fi show, would be renewed for a second season.

Cast members, including Doona Bae, Freema Agyeman, Brian J. Smith and Jamie Clayton, took to wishing the fans a ‘Happy Birthday’ on August 8th — an auspicious date since the show’s eight main lead characters share a birthday – and joyfully announced that the show would be coming back for Season 2.

Sense8 follows eight seemingly unconnected people from across the planet who suddenly find themselves able to sense each other’s moods, feelings, and sensations, as well as being able to peek in on their other ‘sensates’ and experience their lives. The eight soon find themselves on the run from a shadowy organisation intent on studying and killing them, and only together can they survive.

With the show’s focus on diverse leads and emotive storytelling, as well as the luxury of everything being filmed 100% on location, Sense8 has slowly but surely won itself a loyal following. Showrunners J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowski siblings were initially unsure of the show’s renewal, given that no announcement was made during recent discussions, but plans for season 2 are on their way.

Good job, Netflix. Can’t wait to see what they bring for season two!