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‘Teen Wolf’ Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: “A Novel Approach”

teen wolf novel approach

Episode 5 of Teen Wolf picks up right where last week’s episode ended — with Stiles about to be attacked by the boy who has a grudge against Sheriff Stilinski. Stiles gets away just before the boy attacks him and runs into the school. Here, the boy reveals why he holds such a grudge — he blames Sheriff Stilinski for his father being paralyzed while both men were deputies on the police force. As Stiles struggles with him, the boy falls and is impaled by a metal pole.

Stiles calls the police but doesn’t say anything, eventually hanging up. The police come anyway, checking out the 911 attempt but quickly leave. Stiles returns to the scene only to be shocked to see the body gone.

Elsewhere, Lydia and Malia are trying to figure out the book Malia found — “Dread Doctors.” Searching for the author leads them to believe he is locked away at Eichen House, the local mental health facility. Scott, Kira, Stiles and Lydia decide to go to Eichen House. Stiles says they need to leave Malia behind because it’s an upsetting place for her.

Told to leave all personal items at the front desk, the foursome go into the asylum. Kira and Scott are at first shocked when they are told they can’t go in and visit the author. They soon realize it is because the cells are protected by ash.

Stiles and Lydia go in to visit the author and it turns out to be the man with the third eye. He admits he wrote the book under a false name because he knew no one would take the book seriously. He tells Stiles and Lydia the book is based on the Dread Doctors — obsessed with science and electrical current to help the doctors study the supernatural. He admitted he wrote the book as a message for others who might have seen them. He said reading the book will help them remember.

Payment for all this information? The author asked for Lydia to record her scream into a digital recorder.

Oh, and more bad news. The Dread Doctors are coming to Eichen House as bringing Scott and Kira to the asylum messed with the places defenses. Kira becomes electric and can’t control it and things get bad for Scott in the hallway with her. The Dread Doctors make their way into Eichen House as Scott musters up enough wolf power to lift an electrically charged Kira outside the asylum.

As Stiles and Lydia escape before the Dread Doctors arrive, the author stresses anyone who came into contact with them should read the book — because they suppress memories.

The Dread Doctors find the author and place a probe in his third eye and leave. The author uses Lydia’s banshee scream to crack the glass cell window and escape.

Bonus: Stiles and Lydia realize the release of the Dread Doctors is on them, Kira and Scott say “I love you,” and Malia and Theo spend some quality time together.