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Listen: First Meow The Jewels Track is Boots-Produced ‘Meowrly’

The first official remixed track from upcoming Run The Jewels album Meow The Jewels has graced the internet with its presence, and it’s… surprisingly a lot less ridiculous than I thought it would be. Like, this is actually a viable track to listen to beyond just a one time, “haha I can’t believe a cat sound remix album to Run The Jewels 2 actually exists” kinda thing. Which, can you believe that a cat sound remix album to Run The Jewels 2 is actually going to exist? What a world we live in.

“Meowrly” premiered last night at the end Run The Jewels’ Beats 1 radio show WRTJ. The track is fantastically produced by BOOTS entirely out of kitty sounds, and it quickly gets pretty creative and horrific and really amazing and I love it all to pieces. Check “Meowrly” out below:

Still no word on an official release date for Meow The Jewels, but all proceeds from the album – “physical, digital, merch… everything” – are going straight to charity.