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‘Orphan Black’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: “Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Mind”

It’s a Leda-heavy week on Orphan Black, where we see a lot more Rachel, a lot more Dyad stuff, and a new face to throw into the clone mix: Krystal.

“Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Mind“ throws a lot of stories into the mix, though there is one central goal crucial to every subplot: the hidden genetic code in The Island of Dr. Moreau, making Rachel the VIP of the episode.

The Hendrix’s have been designated as the official caregivers for Helena and Gracie, much to Donnie’s discomfort. His discomfort grows even more when he finds Helena has a soft spot for him (“You are strong like baby ox. This I like.”).

Over Skype, Sarah and Cosima have a chat and fill in each other’s lives – Cosima’s new girlfriend, Sarah’s recurring thoughts of Beth, and the possibility of working with Rachel. Skyping Scott just after, Sarah finds that she’s ready to cooperate with “bloody Rachel”, so long as Delphine doesn’t know.

In order for Rachel to tell them the code, she requires something in return: being busted out of DYAD, and also being given the identification of Krystal, the other Leda clone whom we last saw being tantalized by the Castor boys. In order to steal Krystal’s identity, it’s time for Sarah and Fee to go on a good ole’ fashioned road trip.

350 km away, Sarah and Fee have arrived at Krystal’s nail salon place. Sarah reminds Fee to keep her out of Clone Club no matter what; they gotta keep her safe and unaware of all the mess that happens behind the scenes.

There’s not just hustling in one spot: at that very moment, as Scott returns home to his sci-fi infested and lovable abode, he is greeted by a truly horrible face: Rudy. As he traipses through Scott’s room, Rudy emphasizes one book in particular that he’s interested in, and unfortunately it’s the same book we’ve all been concerned about. Scott has no choice but to give the book to him, and as a result, immediately calls Delphine and lets her know.

Over at the nail salon, Felix is really enjoying himself with the fake North American accent; but beyond that, he and Krystal seem to both be enjoying each other’s company. It almost gets too comfortable when Felix almost lets slip Clone Club information to Krystal, who externally is super fragile and outwardly vulnerable thanks to her encounters. Slipping behind the scenes, he grabs her wallet, and comes back to her and tells her in his normal British accent/truth voice that Krystal is a “one of a kind” and a survivor. He leaves Krystal teary-eyed and possibly hopeful for the future. Felix lets Sarah know that as he was snooping around her bag, he found a journal where Krystal had actually drawn Rudy’s face and was clearly indicating further investigations into the matter.

Back in suburbia, Alison calls in Jason to Bubbles at night to discuss the kiss. The topic of conversation takes a quite literal turn as Jason moves in on Alison, and while she enjoys it for a couple of seconds, she backs off and reminds him that she has a family.

Dyad is filled to the brim with action as multiple operations are underway. Scott and Cosima have told Delphine that they didn’t make a copy of the book, even though they did and have a copy ready for Rachel. On the subject of Rachel, the team plans the operation of busting her out of Dyad, while Cosima distracts Delphine. Cosima hands in her letter of resignation, and hwile this is meant to delay Delphine’s notice of Rachel’s absence, I can’t help but feel authenticity in Cosima’s feelings as she confesses her near-death experience in the Season 2 finale, where she saw Delphine. This immediately opens a soft spot in Delphine, and they kiss.

Meanwhile, it’s gaming squad to the rescue, as one team player brings the copy of the book to S’s place, while another planted as a guard rigs the security cameras and transports Rachel and Scott to safety outside Dyad. Soon enough it’s time for Sarah and Rachel to reunite.

Jumping back to the nail salon, Krystal is about to leave work when she is taken back by a visitor in the store post open-hours: Dr. Nealon.

As all of this is happening, Donnie lets his doubts run all over his head and takes Ali’s phone, texting Jason to meet “her” at Bubbles. When Jason arrives and finds Donnie, tensions immediately start to arise. Donnie makes the first move on him, givin him a nice, big slap. Jason finds this hilarious and unfortunately is more skilled than Donnie in the art of attacking people, and thus renders him unconscious in the stacks of Bubbles within seconds.

Over in S’s place, it’s an awkward reunion of sorts as S, Felix, Rachel, Scott, and Sarah gather around S’s dinner table to observe the decoding of the book. Just as she’s finished through a page and emerges with a completed poem, along with an alpha-numeric code, the doors burst open and Dr. Nealon arrives. At this moment, apparently overtaken with anxiety of being driven back to Dyad, Rachel falls onto the ground and appears to have a seizure. She is taken immediately by the authorities with Dr. Nealon back to Dyad.

To the rest of the world, Dr. Nealon reports that Rachel has undergone horrible trauma and will never be the same. As it turns out, Dr. Nealson and Rachel have been working together behind the backs of everyone else to get out of Dyad temporarily, but in doing so getting the chance of having a prosthetic eye. And this wouldn’t be successful without the (involuntary) help from a new friend: Krystal.

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Final Thoughts

As we’re getting closer to the finale, the story is getting’ real good. And also really quote-able and amazing (“What kind of monster threatens a man’s cat?” “Helena’s crazy pants!” “She doesn’t even have the internet”). As the different Leda subplots are slowly beginning to intermingle and intertwine, I’m sensing a huge point within the next two episodes where all of the Leda clones’ storylines will collide and interact and work together in huge ways.

First off, I’m beyond thrilled with the formal introduction of Krystal; I really like her! Most of all, her personality would fit so well in Clone Club, and I just really wanna see her meet her sisters and not have this overbearing paranoia and impending strangeness looming in her life. Thankfully, this is definitely not the last we’ve seen of her. This is not only due to Rachel, of course, but also due to her presence of being a thorough investigator into the Castor affairs from a detached perspective, thanks to Felix’s snooping.

Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Once more have we fallen in love with her, and once more have we been deceived. I’m really not surprised: I expect only this from our favorite one-eyed personality. Unfortunately, her efforts to regain her missing eye are not valiant. Let’s hope there’s some shred of morality in her before any operation ensues.

As for the fun, light snippets, there could never be a more perfect pairing than the Hendrix’s/Helena. And now that Helena has a bit of a crush on Donnie, things could go any direction. Unfortunately, Donnie’s current state of affairs doesn’t bode well for his family, but I’m very confident that Ali will stay by his side, as inexperienced it may be. And let’s not forget that Cophine kiss: while Cosima/Shay are a really cute pairing, I really have a feeling that Cophine is gonna be endgame. They still clearly have feelings for each other – definitely for Delphine, while Cosima may be hiding it under many layers.