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‘Hannibal’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: “Primavera”

Hannibal: “I forgive you, Will. Will you forgive me?”

Our brief, relatively bloodless vacation in Europe with Hannibal and Bedelia has ended, and now it’s time to see what happened in the very bloody aftermath of Hannibal’s exit from Baltimore. Will Graham wakes up in the hospital and is greeted by Abigail, who also survived thanks to Hannibal who apparently cut Abigail’s throat open in just the right way to ensure she’d have a chance at living. Abigail wants to go find Hannibal, but Will isn’t sure.

Abigail: “He wanted us to live.”
Will: “He left us to die.”

After Abigail leaves, Will has one of his highly realistic dreams again: this time a flashback to a scene in Hannibal’s office, with a clue to where Hannibal might have gone. Flash forward to eight months later, and Will and Abigail arrive at a church in Palermo, Italy. Will’s many visits to the church eventually walks him right into the crime scene Hannibal left behind last episode (poor, sweet Dimmond’s corpse bent into the shape of a human heart, which untwists itself during one of Will’s imaginative moments and morphs into one of the most grotesque things I’ve seen in this show my life).

Will: “Hannibal’s not God. He wouldn’t have any fun being God. Defying God, now, that’s his idea of a good time.”

The police bring Will in for questioning. At the station, Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi introduces himself to Will, explaining that he met Hannibal once twenty years ago as “The Monster of Florence,” but Hannibal escaped justice. He wants to catch Hannibal again, and he wants Will’s help to do so.

Pazzi hands Will a file containing a photograph of Dimmond’s twisted up corpse, which immediately sends Will into This Is My Design mode. Is this standard practice for cops to just hand over pictures of dead bodies in still open cases to civilians, or was the file -> photo -> send Will Graham into a dangerously unhealthy mindset scene supposed to mirror Jack Crawford and remind us that we still haven’t heard about him or Alana Bloom? Because dude, really.

Will: “He gave you back to me, then he took you away. It’s Lucy and the football, he just keeps pulling you away.”

In the course of Will’s hallucination it’s confirmed that Abigail really is dead and Will has just been pretending she’s still alive, a manifestation of the part of him that has forgiven Hannibal for what he’s done. Cue all my gross sobbing noises. When Pazzi asks again for Will’s help in finding out where Hannibal has gone, Will responds with “He never left” and leads Pazzi down into the catacombs. They don’t find Hannibal, of course… but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find them.

Pazzi: “You and I carry the dead with us, Signore Graham… You are already dead, aren’t you?”


  • I knew in my heart of hearts that Abigail was gone, but still I held out hope until the very last moment. Honestly, how dare Bryan Fuller make me watch Abigail die this many times in one show. How dare he be Lucy with the football, taking her away from me. And how dare he throw in that stare from the priest as fodder for my “maybe she actually isn’t a hallucination!!” hopes and dreams. How DARE HE.
  • Young Hannibal was smoking. Too hot, hot damn.
  • I was on edge for this entire episode even though nothing really happened, but that doesn’t change the fact that nothing really happened. Very pretty imagery and flowery conversation, though, as always.

Check out the preview for next week’s episode below.