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‘Big Brother 17’ New House Look and Premiere Dates

big brother 17

ET released a bunch of photos of the BB17 house today. You can check them out here.

One of the bedrooms (pictured above) is described as an upscale nightclub under the sea. Production designer Scott Storey says: “It’s supposed to feel a little bit more feminine. I suspect the women will come into the house and gravitate toward this room.”

There’s also a comic book bedroom with comic book panels on the walls and toy guns embedded into a table. The hangout room contains a hammock that will fit three people. A new Sky Bridge was installed. The HOH room consists of a plexi-glass floor.

I like the nightclub room and the comic book room, but everything else looks kind of tacky. Maybe that’s the point?

The cast will be revealed on the CBS website tomorrow, June 16, at 11pm EST.

The two-night Big Brother 17 premiere will air on Wednesday, June 24 and Thursday, June 25 on CBS.