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Trailer: BBC’s ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’

In a spooky offering from the BBC, they’ve just unveiled a brand new trailer for their adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell a cult fantasy novel from author Susanna Clarke, that sure is bewitch and enchant audiences when it hits the small screen.

The drama concerns itself with the friendship and rivalry of two fledgling magicians in an alternative English history in the 19th century, placing Eddie Marsan as the magical activist Mr Norrell, while relative newcomer Bertie Carvel plays Strange, a young man who learns from a mysterious mage that he is destined to be a great magic wielder and undergoes tutelage.

With a supporting cast of solid British talent (the series ranks Paul Kaye, Charlotte Riley, and Marc Warren among its roster), and the BBC promoting it, the series’ May 17 air date can’t come soon enough for fans of this beloved book adaptation.

Check out the trailer for Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell below and let us know what you think about the show.