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‘RiffTraxLive: The Room’ Comes To Theaters Everywhere May 6th and 12th!

rifftraxlive the room

You’ve no doubt seen the ads in the multiplexes: Fathom Events is transforming what you can watch in a movie theater. They finagle anniversary screenings, concerts, operas and now they’re bringing RiffTrax to the big screen.

Rifftrax is a live laugh-track to some of the worst movies ever made, created by some of your favorites from Mystery Science Theater 3000. And they’re going big this time: former (and second) MST3K host Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow 2.0) are tackling what is widely regarded as the best bad movie ever made: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

The Room brought back the go-drunk-and-stoned-with-your-friends midnight flick and is almost too perfectly crafted for the Rifftrax treatment, and it’s getting one with “Rifftrax Live: The Room.

The performance debuted at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, and by all accounts, they brought the house down. Now we’re all getting a chance to glimpse Wiseau’s handiwork paired with some of the best funnymen in the business. Fathom Events is screening two showings of the laugh-fest, at 8pm on Wednesday May 6th and Tuesday May 12th. I know I’ll be there.

To locate the nearest theater broadcasting this special event, check out Fathom Events’ website. Buy tickets now.